The Transfiguration Part 4: Divine Conversations of our mission

How many of us are with people who want to erect monuments instead of movements? A monument can be impressive, but it talks of someone or something long dead! When we see Jesus transfigured we see a groggy bunch of men, who became incoherent and fearful in the Glory. We need to compare this with Joshua in the Old Testament, or Obed-Edom who had desire, thirst for the GLORY. They lived for it. But let us contrast this with the disciples. They saw Moses and Elijah talking with Jesus, and Peter wanted to erect tabernacles for them. If they had taken note what the conversations were they would have had keys that would have sustained them in the time of crisis when Jesus was betrayed and taken from them.

I would ask the question, in meditating on this, what did we miss? Many times we are too groggy with our circumstances to even understand that angelic hosts are speaking about the high things God wants to do in our lives. The Bible tells us that the angels marvel about what God did with us. 

Many mysteries of our lives in God could be understood and comprehended. When we read in Revelation of the visions, the heavenly activity, we see accompanied by every shift and change on the earth started by a declaration from heaven, from the throne, then announcements from the angelic hosts, then songs, then a manifestation. 

Does this not indicate that the atmosphere we live in, can throw back the curtain of one dimension to glimpse into the spirit? The atmosphere of heaven is always declaring and also singing out prophetically the manifestation of God on the earth! How much more should we join ourselves to this “rythmn”?

I believe Peter missed it entirely. Yes, the glory was pleasant but not a place to stay in, nor was a monument a good thing. Peter did not hear the conversation, we know that it was unveiling the mystery of Christ’s sufferings in Jerusalem. 

When we look at them, it is a mystery that took the ground away from the feet of the disciples, but it is this mystery that opened the way into heavenly places. Salvation came, and we were received as sons, priests, prophets and kings. (Revelation 1:6). 

What I believe God wants to challenge today is to stop being fascinated by the glory itself, and open our eyes and ears to what and how things are moving, what is being said. Let us not let the “weight” of the glory bring a fleshy response in us, i.e the weariness. Let us trust the invigoration that comes from the Presence of the Lord. That way that divine conversation between angels and heavenly hosts will throw back the reality of the spiritual realm, and bring us into HOLY FEAR and AWE. How much we need that in our midst!

Believe me, angels are speaking about you and I, about what God will do, and how they are marvelling. Let us hear and throw off the circumstantial mediocrity that so often stops up the spiritual awareness we need to live in!!!

There is more coming!



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