Lessons from the Hebrides Revival 1948-1952

Our Church is starting a campaign of corporate prayer and Bible study. The quest is a true revival. Too much lethargy has gripped the church and now for getting into a spiritual breakthrough one needs to war against the world, the flesh and the devil.
We need to go back to the most recent community shaking revival. This took place on the Hebrides Isles.
A group of non Pentecostal believers got together to discuss the spiritual condition of their island. They Covenanted to pray 3 times a week in a barn. They did this for 5 months untiringly until they broke through. When they broke through they dialogues with God in such a way that God had to respond and visit this community. Their prayer called upon God to honour His Covenant. And the glory appeared in that barn and in a cottage. It impacted the whole island. The presence of God was so intense! We need this now!
We need God to break into our community! What will it take us? What needs to happen? Respond to this post if you desire!

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