The only way up is down

Now that title must frighten you. I almost always get amazed by the way the Bible is so rich in inspiration that we can see something new each day.
We are in an intense study period and prayer period in our Church. It is most fruitful. Already almost a fifth of my study book is full of notes since January 1st.
The Lord shows us that the way always is DOWN. When man wanted to build UP in Genesis 11, his efforts were confounded. When God scattered, He then called out a man. Abram. Hebrews 11 shows us what happened in the desert. God showed Abram a city, which would come DOWN. Revelation 21 shows it coming down. In Acts 2, the Spirit was sent DOWN. Ephesians 4 shows us Jesus going DOWN so that in going UP HE gave GIFTS to men that would APPREHEND that whatever comes from GOD must Come DOWN so that in our HUMILITY we will receive it in the right spirit!
Why do you think God is very selective WHERE and with WHO He pours out revival? We need to recognise our attitude in receiving and being in God!
We must recognise the nature of the Kingdom. It conquers through LOVE, expands in GENTLENESS. How much more we must renew our minds!
The way up is DOWN!
Jesus demonstrates this in John 13, with the washing of feet. How we must break misconception of leadership! The world’s way only brings war and abuses. So let us look what is God’s vision, it comes DOWN to us. What we try to build up is not always necessarily of God.

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