What, who, when are you following?

Happy new year!

I managed to get back to this blog. I have had over 2012 tremendous feedback.

We need to have open doors this year to teach about the ways of God.

Psalm 103:7 says that Moses KNEW the ways of God and Israel SAW His acts.

How sad! Israel was a mere spectator of God’s ways in action! I pray that each one of us pray to KNOW HIS ways! How?
The word in the Hebrew is YADAH. It is much more intimate than mere knowledge but by implication gives the picture of a union between the knowledge giver and receiver. How do we come into that YADAH?
1. Intimacy
2. Faith
3. Obedience
4. Perseverance

I believe that in 2013 we will need all these to get through.

What are we following? Doctrine? Knowledge? People?
We need more than ever to follow Christ through our own inner witness.
Who are we following? We must follow examples, but we must come into our own YADAH so that we shall know HIS ways so that we MANIFEST His Acts. Our leaders, if be godly will confirm what GOD is speaking in our living out of YADAH.
Many make wild prophetic statements of HOW it will happen TO us this year. But I have come to believe that it will happen THROUGH us as we live out YADAH this year.
The perfect example is MOSES. He had a face to face relationship with God. When you see how God prepared Him.
God made a somebody, into a nobody, and from there made him someone who saw the form of God. He through obedience and intimacy led over 3 million to another land.
It is not going to be through much power or influence that we will make an impact in 2013 but it shall be through the YADAH which brings us to KNOWING God’s ways.

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