Compartmentalizing when we should be unifying

When I was in Portugal God opened me up to the conviction that our “Western Christianity” is more and more being taken away from the root of our faith. The western cultures substituting what should be Biblical. Yes, even I can hide behind my “British culture” and be refined and stoic. But today when disgrace and disaster is pouring out over the globe I must become more and more like Jesus. 

The culture which forms much of the foundation of Western Christianity is Greek. The rot began to set in in Constantinople when the devil saw that PERSECUTION was bringing an incredible strength to the Church, that he then changed strategy. He threw respectability over us. This is sounding the death knell over our faith. 

Our faith is a faith of inner revolution. With respectability we no longer demarcate ourselves from the world and society. Christ must come to change everything, or if not, at least stir the nations. I think we have liked the mantle of respectability because it has given us comfort…the very enemy of the Gospel.

Because of the rot of comfort we have forgotten the zeal and passion of our “Hebrew roots”. There was a house I went to this week, where incense is regularly burned, and I was thrown back into the rememberance that this smell is very much the incense that heaven must always burn in the Presence of the Most High. 

We have neatly compartamentalized our faith into a box of something we do rather than what we are. We have tacked onto our responsibilities the fact we work, sleep and eat, and once a week we go to Church. 

Our Hebrew roots tell us that GOD MUST EMBIBE in all, be all, in all. That is our faith needs to saturate all parts of our day and all parts of our life. I must confess that I must start to do this….must forsake the stoic life that comes from Greek influences and embrace my Hebrew roots. 


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