A Tribute to Yorrie Richards

I woke up early this morning to learn that my friend Yorrie Richards had been promoted. Such a heavy heart accompanied me to breakfast. I am away from home right now, conducting business.

If I am going to pay tribute one needs to know who was Yorrie and what part he played in my Christian life.

Yorrie was Wales born, from Maesteg in the valleys. Many stories abound of Yorrie being somewhat a feared character, taken to drinking. The Church, I believe an apostolic church, took to praying for Yorrie. He was gloriously saved and straight away took to being a witness in his locality.

One thing distinguished Yorrie, he had a stutter. And being bold as he was, took to witnessing in the town hall, hiring it for a few nights. Yorrie had great pleasure in telling me the story. He got up to speak to be stymied by an uncontrollable stutter.

He talks of a intercessor, Uncle Dai. This man was told to be a mighty man of prayer. Asked Yorrie how the time went at the town hall. Yorrie replied that it had been a disaster. Uncle Dai then took to prayer, for ages was groaning. Then told Yorrie to preach that night.

Yorrie with great passion told me the glory cloud that appeared. With great passion tells me of the Lord who saved many.

I met Yorrie when I came to Christ in Eastwood, Nottingham. It was there, many an hour spent with him and Eirian talking simplistically about the Lord. Yorrie had a deep ministry, prophetic in every sense. I have yet to meet anyone quite like him. Thundering revelation, and the stutter disappears in the throes of eternal knowledge.

I even shared a pulpit with him in Dundee. We had been given the same word without knowing it. I even lived with him for over 6 months. I can tell you Yorrie influenced my own ministry.

I was very moved by the fact that behind every great man of God, there was a great woman. Eirian, daughter of the Carr family, great family used mightily for the Lord, was every bit the powerhouse of Yorrie’s ministry. She was a gentle but very knowledgeable in the things of the Lord. And yet suddenly a few years ago, the Lord took her home.

A empty place stands where these Welsh firey people stood. Many of today’s errors were discussed in their home.

Yorrie took to anointing me, sending me out to Portugal in 1995. When Yorrie anointed anyone it was biblical, not a sprinkling but a pouring out. Drenching.

Yorrie, you are greatly missed. But my challenge is to take hold of your legacy and see it transformed into a mantle of enabling. Yorrie was a voice in the generations. May God teach me how to transform that legacy into an integral part of ministry.

Yorrie, see you soon in the Valleys of the heavens.

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