The alternative economy: faith and positive outlooks

I am at the moment laid aside due to illness. I am in Cornwall. The Lord is good to us even in our weaknesses and difficult situations.

I have been watching the markets over the last few days. I have been also doing some forecasting of my own, concerning the Euro. I believe what I am seeing goes beyond mere forecasting to plain common sense and some insight too.

I believe and had the conviction today, that the current system is almost dead. Capitalism and all of its many tiered market system is and has failed.

The demonstrations in London, Madrid, Athens and Lisbon go to show that economics can NEVER superimpose their demands against social well being.

Right now what is needed is a system based on the laws of God. Fairness, social conscience and equality of opportunity and help. The current system works on speculation, the new system must work on the Word of God.

We must take an inventory of the resources we have and make an assessment of who pays in, who is in legimitate need. Who invests of well gotten gain, and who is promoted, helped and opened opportunities for.

I believe the current church system of tithes is really flawed, because it is not sustainable. We need to take away the division of spiritual and secular. We need to see a system that negates the influence of mammon, greed and fraud. These 3 are the strongholds of the current system.

Please feedback on what I have written. Join me in prayer over these issues.

Let us live for giving not taking. Looking after those who have no opportunity, or well being.

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