Christianity: a rational or emotional faith?

I am taking this day out to prepare for tomorrow’s ministry. Preaching of the Word. I have been doing more under the surface study, to substantiate what God wants to do. I have had to exercise my mind more than just get enthusiastic about a spiritual principle that I THINK is God saying without making any effort to back it up NOT just with my understanding what the Word says.

There is a worrying trend in the Body today. With worldly responsibilities growing in intensity today there is less time to study let alone read the Bible. We are more ready to read the morning paper than read the Word. So study is far out of reach for many.

I therefore got to studying the Hebrew/Greek meanings of scripture using an interlinear and I found this very very surprising. It brought me face to face with a Bible i did not know too well.

It came to me that God wants to RENEW our MINDS. Why our minds? Because He created us to THINK, MEDITATE, CONTEMPLATE with our minds to access the Spirit, spiritual dimension with unlocking our minds to the supernatural dimension with intelligence. That is, discerning with the HIPOSTASIS of God, i.e His Substance found HIDDEN in His Word.

My joy particularly this week, amidst all, is getting to grips with some pillar principles in Greek scripture. Also in Hebrew. Some things being more deeper than our 2 dimension English or modern languages. The Bible is written so, that you have to UNLOCK the meaning not only with your natural mind, but ACCESS a supernatural understanding with prayer and meditation.

Paul says we have the MIND of Christ. Again the mind being stressed. I believe therefore our comprehension of God through natural and supernatural knowledge must be proportionate to a RATIONAL pursuit of HIM.

I have however a problem with the modern being which seeks for instantaneous experiences over which NO UNDERSTANDING is used to access the supernatural understanding. Rather this use of the redeemed mind is being substituted by the igniting of emotions and adrenaline. This can be mistaked as the anointing.

We must engage these people/churches to see what understanding there is, and what basis they access any given spiritual dimension. Very often it is believed that hours and hours of praise, or prayer can unlock. I believe from accounts of revival it was the Word accessed on a new level that started the process. This is to say that the ORIGiNAL revelation in any move of God CAN be accessed from that point in worship and prayer. You cannot stir it up from those two areas. It is a deception. It gives rise to a premise that we must ALTER our state through “mantras” of worship and prayer to ACCESS revival. Deception at best.

I believe that God must and does grant a particular dimension of understanding of the Word which unlocks the spirit of the believer to have faith to enter into a deeper place. From this place worship and prayer can be a vehicle for this to bring revival. That meaning: the Word is the catalyst to revival.

So coming back to our title, many preach against the rational dimension. This means that we shut off the way of rationalising scripture in a view to seeking a new dimension of Scripture. What we have seen is the appealing to emotions, the soul, to bring about a change of state. This is not Biblical, it is immature. Here we get spurious practices, mindsets, and suspicion.

Emotional stances in this life is very unstable, being in ecstasy in some instances, and lost in others. This being that their spiritual life is foundation-less and no stable platform for accessing the MODERATION of a spiritual life. What I am not saying however, that our emotional responses to the MOVE of God is wrong, but these can never be the sign of revival. The revival comes with a new vision/revelation of God and His Word imprinted on our REDEEMED mind.

So next time you’re in a meeting and anyone calls for negating the access to the Redeemed Mind, you know you’re listening to a dangerous tangent of pseudo-christianity. Avoid at all costs.

My counsel therefore is; seek His Word at all costs and let it TAKE YOU to new heights of supernatural knowledge.


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