Eli: blind and deaf because of self interest

I was meditating upon the time that Samuel started his ministry. The Bible says the following phrase: “In those days, the Word of the Lord was rare…”Why was this so?
We are told that the Leadership was corrupt, helping itself to what belonged to the Lord, and despising the sacrifice.
Eli’s sons were doing this, and all the time he did not correct them, because he benefitted from their corruption.
Samuel was only very young, and he received a Word from the Lord, declaring an end to Eli’s house. What we see, amazing albeit, is Eli resigned to his fate, no repentance, no desire to change. He exchanged communion for comfort, covenant for corruption.
There is a leadership in many places which God is seeing as exactly the same spirit as Eli’s sons. The church is despised, the spiritual being exchanged for humanity. We see “sacrifices” being used for corrupt ends.
What God always does is wait to “kill off” that leadership generation, so that the younger generation can rise to the challenge.
God dealt with Eli and his sons in one day! Samuel prophesied it, but Eli, who had become blind and deaf no longer recognized the Lord. His own comfort came first.
God is bringing a new generation of leadership into place. But to do that the “Eli” family must be dealt with. It sometimes seems we are waiting forever. But comes a day when God comes and does what He said He would.
So, God is bringing in a prophetic generation who will prepare the way for the King.

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