When the road comes to an end

The road of the Euro has come to an end. The fundamental structure had been flawed from the beginning. Hypocrisy and corruption at its heart.
It is a lie that a breakup of the EUR will send earthquakes through the world economy.
The debt pile can soon be replaced by national currencies, trading will be reassumed by the old currency.
Right now the spiritual principle to all this is: if you conceive a project make sure you are aware of the implications and consequences. If you are not willing to follow through, you are steering yourself to failure. You must assume risks, and take responsibility. If your project entails certain steps and decision making, you must go through. Life is not a game, where we fake our way through. Assume, decide, confront, demand, a TRUE way of life where you name success, profit, failure, mistake as exactly that! That way you are walking in truth.
In these times of turmoil, we should not wait things to happen to us, that is a fatalistic approach. Rather it is time to assume our role as SPIRITUAL ENTREPRENEURS. We make things happen. We send a positive message into the economy, we work out of the box. We set the trend.
So the eurozone problem is a symptom of a greater evil, wanting the benefits of union without unity, the benefits of a united currency but no collective responsibility. This is hypocrisy. Let us learn from this.

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