Trusting to Rest

An odd title I know!
But rest, in its physical sense has some spiritual connotation to it. The lack of physical rest leads to a lack of spiritual rest.
What is spiritual rest? How do we come into it?
Spiritual rest is a place in God where all promises ARE received by faith where there are not visible signs evident. We come into their reception through our surrender. How we come into it, sometimes will be according to our surrender to the ways of God. In that a man is not made in 5 minutes, a man of God takes many years to mature and bring into places of destiny.
Our lack of spiritual rest means we try to push aside this process.
It means that we acquire things no longer in faith, but the work of our natural abilities.
Hebrews 11 speaks of the rest of God in action. Faith is the substance of that rest. It is also a encounter with God. Out of that encounter we gain the “martureo” from which all miracles and provision flow.
Some of us find it hard to rest. We must sometimes be broken into it. The fact is that in the fall, we lost the art of being, and acquired the defect of doing.
We achieve more doing less. We achieve more when we are focussed. We are focussed when we truly surrender to the ways of God and rest in Him.

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