A form of godliness but denying the power

I was musing over this phrase this morning and God said this is the condition of the Church. It has the form or outline but no life.
Not that is every Church, but for those who merely have the same ones praying, preaching, same form-at, dismotivated saints, disappointed prayers, powerless praisers, punched up people, this is the congregation of which I speak.
Its time to face up to the diagnosis
1. Loss of first love
2. Fear of disapproval of society.
3. Deceived into apathy.
4. Jezebel abounding
5. False/ traditional way of teaching without the breath of revelation.

This is for that congregation. It needs to go beyond mere forms, beyond mere programmed meetings to prayer meetings for pure revival. Embracing the power not denying it.

For me I am being examined by the Lord. Is our love hot? Are we seeking Him? Are we producing works of faith? Faith is not belief, but belief in action!

Where do we stand today?

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