when the status quo is desirable

I was looking over my posts here. It seems we are holding onto “status quo” philosophy. Humanism seems to have taken this stance. Basically, right accross the board there is a steadying hand, not willing to tackle the ills, but so long as we can get through another day so be it. The only problem is that there are “explosions” that go off in this “status quo”.
1. Economic; Europe taped over a flawed project called the euro. It has delayed economic meltdown. But it will come and will be more catastrophic.
2. Social: keeping the peace, brings violence than dealing with social ills with equality of rights and help for the disfavoured. Injustice breeds rebellion.
3. Spiritual: we mask over potential problems with “christian apologetics” instead of dealing with the fact that the Church is suffering a crisis of defining spirituality and holiness and how this transports into daily life.
The status quo delays resolving the problem till tomorrow, but when tomorrow comes the problems are greater and bigger. One day will come when we will all fall under the weight of such corruption! We must pray!

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