The Price of silence

The Price of Silence

Is a loss of rights

I have just got back from a prayer meeting, where we were praying for certain things making the news today. I might have done the classic thing and searched out a scripture to base my whole train of thought. I cannot do it this time. I have to go with what the Lord is giving me.

Christians were never meant to be a silent people. In Acts 2 we read that the noise of supernatural languages, that called the attention of the whole city of Jerusalem. We read in every gospel the account of the appearence of John the Baptist. He cried out in the desert, cities and the population went out to meet him.

There is a worrying trend in the Western world. Each government is confronted with changing winds of family values, or what is really happening is redefining the family. What were firmly established Biblical values are now being forgotten, and whoever stands up for Biblical guidelines about family and marriage is ridden over, labelled behind the times, and ostracized from society.

So what is the price of silence?

1. Loss of rights: the loss of rights is the installation of injustices within society. I appeal and pray for a militant spirit. Revivals always brought justice and rights into society. Never before have we needed a TRUE HOLY SPIRIT REVIVAL WHICH INSTALLS AGAIN THE BASIC CHRISTIAN RIGHTS TO BELIEVERS AND REPOSITIONS THE CHURCH WITHIN SOCIETY. 

2. Loss of a credible voice: if we be in silence in the midst of major issues, is because we are in agreement with them. We lose the opportune intervention which can bring change. Our voice when heard at the wrong time HAS NO CREDIBILITY. It also has no AUTHORITY. Our authority in our testimony MUST AND DEMANDS A STAND AGAINST INJUSTICE. If this means persecution or death, so be it.

3. There is NO ANOINTING IN A SILENT PEOPLE. We can have goosebumps…but TRUE ANOINTING brings upheavals. True anointings make governments fear.

4. Society becomes corrupt, but God requires it from the Church.


The price of silence, whilst easy at the time, becomes VERY VERY expensive in the long run. We lose rights, we lose face, we lose place in society. Society then becomes corrupt lacking spiritual pillars. 

The fact is we have become silent, when we should speak up. Jesus makes mention about our silence before men. If we do not confess Jesus before men, Jesus will not testify of us before His Father, and that must amount to a CLOSED HEAVEN.

What I appeal for is a network of seekers for REVIVAL. Seeking to be proactive in campaigning for rights prayerfully.

Please feedback.

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