Die for the Difference

Popularity is not part of making a difference.

What do we mean? What is the difference we desire to MAKE NOW?

Do we want to stand out from the crowd? Stand out for our generation? It is needed!

God never called His Facilitators of Change to belong to a crowd, making, thinking, walking, talking all the same. Yet the world seeks for it. The world imposes its view on us, imposes its rules, patterns upon us.

There are a few however who resist this trend…to their peril…

Who makes the difference: 

Who does not think like the majority

Does not talk like the majority

Does not write like the majority

Does not work like the majority

Does not worship like the majority

Then you’re in trouble…you will be criticised, ostracised, and thrown into isolation…

But we must think what the cost is, for Martin Luther King, it meant assassination. For the apostle Paul, it was Stephen’s death that caused an impact.

Today to make the difference you may have to lose first…but the fruit lasts for years. Your message, your life will be remembered.

Today in this world of corruption…of humanism, of selfishness, we must make the difference so that some may see the truth.

You desire to make a difference, don’t expect to be popular, and don’t expect to be famous. 

You may lose everything including life itself…but the difference thereafter will supersede all…

You never make a difference by compromise.


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