Transition: one leadership generation to another

God is changing the leadership from one generation to another. There is a cry in the heart of current leaders to let go and to pass the baton, the strength is not there.

I would hasten to say that once the PASSION has gone, and your heart is NOT motivated for the Church local, you must then look to see if God is raising up succession.

There is coming a new leadership, which shall order and solidify. It is a time to welcome a Solomon type season. Where order and solidity and consistency comes.

Recognize the transition, do not fight it, because once you embrace it it will be a defining moment of blessing. If we hang on to our position God may have to force us out…let us be like John the Baptist, who recognized when his time had finished. This is true transition.

When it is your hour to step into place, be bold.

The thing I believe most is that God will call a leadership that is intimate with Him, and know His Ways. Too much abuse has been suffered from leaders who knew nothing of God’s ways.

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