Rioting without a cause

This week we have all seen the spreading of rioting throughout the cities of Britain. There has been a lot of destruction, some loss of life. Everyone is asking why.

First of all the spiritual landscape of Britain is apathetic, with a society based on easy going economics, political correctness, and humanism. This means we are bringing up a generation who have no presentation, posture for work. They are mostly unemployed for years, and without any prospect. This along with humanistic vacuum which has left the country a shadow of what it once was.

The minorities are affecting the opinion of the majority. Almost the nation lives in fear of radical moslems, not all are fundamentalist, live in fear of the skinheads, left wing and right wing groups.

A nation that tries to please everyone ends up pleasing no one.

What we need first of all is a spiritual revival. The British people need to understand that filling their lives with things, does not satisfy the inner man. Inner satisfaction and self fulfilment is the steps towards a human being who contributes to society not take from it. Those who are unfortunate to be long term unemployed should be given new opportunity. We sometimes cut down on social investment for the well being of the economy, but in the long term we are sowing lawlessness.

The core family values are also being eroded away. Britain was an example of these values, but now we are seeing marriage eroded, children abused, and families being mostly dysfunctional.

Rather than us identify the problem, we need to see that we are all, as individuals, have the potential and responsibility for change. This change cannot come if we close our eyes, because we do not live in deprived areas, rather when we make change an individual responsibility for the good of the whole we effect change.

The Bible says that the country whose God is the Lord is happy and blessed, is true.

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