Subjective faith vs Biblical Integrity

I was meditating on adding something to facebook as to provoke a thought pattern. I began to think of my own life, and compare with Job, Joseph, Moses. We see something in their lives, a quality, which we are sadly lacking. We are going into a danger area.

In one church in Portugal I passed through, the preaching was appealing to the needs of the people, and what became evident is that God had become little more than a santa Claus, who fulfils all our desires and wants. I saw circumstances change in their lives and their attitude also changed. What I saw was a lack of knowledge of God, and the reason why circumstances had turned against them. They thought it was the devil. It was not. It was God.

Psalm 18 tells us how David became a mighty warrior. In the beginning it shows how David had a view of God as a Person who would come at every cry to save. But God began to train David to understand that in using his availability and ability God could do far more than simply be like a baby crying for help all the time.

It may sound cruel, but we can sometimes react and relate to God, we love Him when things are going right, but falling out with Him when we face trials.

What the Word reveals is God’s unchangeable nature. We see Job fight his own inclinations to forsake God in his trial, but he knew his God. This persistence fight with his own inconstant nature, against the persuasion of a natural mind, to lock into faith at all costs meant that his trial was broken, and he passed the test.

If God was never to do anything more than save us, it is sufficient. What He desires of us is one thing. Intimacy, even when things are bad, we must still believe. Jesus said to Jairos when all was lost, believe! He got his reward. we shall get our reward if we believe in God’s character and not base our Christianity on our daily mood. We must believe in His unchangeable nature, and then we shall prosper. Prosperity is having all and not lacking.


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