Inner Breakthrough; Joshua’s example

Today have been reflecting on my own circumstances and waters I have had to wade through. It has not been easy. What we are all involved with is a reality that is unseen. It is unseen to our senses. Therefore anyone who is a prisoner to their senses is a prisoner to unbelief and swayed like the sea. That means:
1. No consistency, you are tossed around, you do not know where you are going. You do not know what dangers you will encounter.
2. No destiny: you have no predetermined destination.
3. No purpose: you are tossed as a thing of no value.
Constrast this with inner transformation by faith:
1. Consistency: you are going in a place which has specific laws and principles which have no failing, no disaster and no uncertainty.
2. Destiny: we have a life which will never end. Our destiny is the New Jerusalem. We have a preordained path, called success. Sometimes we have to go through purposes to get there.
3. Purpose: our purpose is union with God, in total relationship and love. Nothing we need to do other than believe.

Therefore unless we surrender our thinking, our humanity to God, we will never get the inner breakthrough we need.

If you think breakthrough will come to you, you are mistaken. It comes first in our inner man.



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