The Inner Breakthrough; Joshua’s example Part 2

We discussed in Part 1, the principle of Breakthrough. Now we go to part 2. We take the example of Joshua.
His task is based upon the unseen principle. The taking possession of the Promised Land.

Let us look at the steps of the Word of the Lord.
1. Moses is dead. New season declared.
2. Your new territory.
3. Your first step…get over Jordan.
4. No man can stand against you as you move into your new territory.
5. Meditate in the law day and night…it is the key to your success.

1. You need to know that it is a new season. No longer the time to be dependent on the last season, of promise, manna, wilderness but now is fulfilment, fruit, land. God has changed the season. You must see this in your spirit or you are condemned to walk and die in your wilderness.
2. You have set territory. God tells you your boundaries. You must know them because your faith is not vague, it has specific spheres of influence. Whereever you step into in that sphere is yours.
3. Get over this Jordan. It is the barrier between your senses and faith. Your senses tell you, its in flood. Faith says put your feet in and God will make a way. And once you move in obedience to God’s Word you see ground appear, miraculous ground appears. Your faith carries you through.
4. Does not matter what men may say or do against you, they cannot stand against you: I have had many occasions where man said no, when God said yes. And what I heard prevailed. In this move, God will give you influence and authority. Does not matter who opposes, they cannot prevail.
5. Meditate on the Law day and night: this is the key. Meditate on God’s revealed Word. It is this key which will keep our inner man acquainted with the ways of God. Without the Word we can never receive the substance of Hebrews 11:1. It is literally the dry ground of Jordan, the blast that flattens Jericho.

More to come!!!

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