The Power of the Outcry

Slavery was a stark contrast from the days of Goshen. Yet Israel was taken from fruitful Goshen to the workhouses of Pharoah, who knew not Joseph.

Their sighs and cries rose up to heaven. Then from the desert, God appeared in the fire to Moses. He said: “Their cry has risen up to me. I have heard.”

We know the rest of the story.

There is a silent outcry going up to God. God’s servants have been taken from “Goshen” and are now servants to the task master called Mammon.

Many today spend over half their time securing finances from donations, securing the bread on their table.

Is this God’s way?


God is raising up a Moses generation who will bring us to the Glory with order. The ministry has got out of order. But God’s people have also succumbed to the comforts of Mammon.

God has prepared something new, a new Goshen, a permanent home for His Servants. But it will take a Moses people to do it.

Instead of listening to Mammon:
Give…and be generous.
Sow…in faith
Invest…in an eternal future not temporal comforts.

Believe me, your cry is registered in heaven!!!

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