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When paper IOU substitute real cash

I am just reading the Daily Mail, filtering through the rhetoric concerning Spain and its economic woes. According to official sources, whole autonomous regions of Spain are on the brink of bankcrupcy. The lending rates of debt swaps and the issue of government bonds has risen to 7.5%. It is unsustainable by any government. So… Continue reading When paper IOU substitute real cash

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A form of godliness but denying the power

I was musing over this phrase this morning and God said this is the condition of the Church. It has the form or outline but no life. Not that is every Church, but for those who merely have the same ones praying, preaching, same form-at, dismotivated saints, disappointed prayers, powerless praisers, punched up people, this… Continue reading A form of godliness but denying the power

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Rioting without a cause

This week we have all seen the spreading of rioting throughout the cities of Britain. There has been a lot of destruction, some loss of life. Everyone is asking why. First of all the spiritual landscape of Britain is apathetic, with a society based on easy going economics, political correctness, and humanism. This means we… Continue reading Rioting without a cause