The alternative economy: faith and positive outlooks

I am at the moment laid aside due to illness. I am in Cornwall. The Lord is good to us even in our weaknesses and difficult situations. I have been watching the markets over the last few days. I have been also doing some forecasting of my own, concerning the Euro. I believe what I am seeing goes beyond mere forecasting to plain common sense and some insight too. I believe and had the conviction today, that the current system is almost dead. Capitalism and all of its many tiered market system is and has failed. The demonstrations in London, … Continue reading The alternative economy: faith and positive outlooks

Christianity: a rational or emotional faith?

I am taking this day out to prepare for tomorrow’s ministry. Preaching of the Word. I have been doing more under the surface study, to substantiate what God wants to do. I have had to exercise my mind more than just get enthusiastic about a spiritual principle that I THINK is God saying without making any effort to back it up NOT just with my understanding what the Word says. There is a worrying trend in the Body today. With worldly responsibilities growing in intensity today there is less time to study let alone read the Bible. We are more … Continue reading Christianity: a rational or emotional faith?

Dispersion and modern day Emigration

I made a comment on Facebook yesterday concerning Emigrating with a Purpose. I need to make some historical parrallels. This way what was a statement is understood in context. There is a crisis which has been going for the last 4 years since Northern Rock could no longer finance itself. The UK government had to nationalize that bank. Shortly after this Lehman Bros., collapsed. The domino effects spread from SubPrime crisis, where mortgage debts became toxic. Really what has happened is that the whole financial system has been shaken by scandal, mismanagement and debt. I was in contact with a … Continue reading Dispersion and modern day Emigration

When paper IOU substitute real cash

I am just reading the Daily Mail, filtering through the rhetoric concerning Spain and its economic woes. According to official sources, whole autonomous regions of Spain are on the brink of bankcrupcy. The lending rates of debt swaps and the issue of government bonds has risen to 7.5%. It is unsustainable by any government. So I can just imagine the look of the Bank of Spain main vaults. Empty of cash, and with folders full of bond issues and IOUs. Many are calling for the EU to resolves its debt problem. Italy is almost where Spain is now. 1 trillion … Continue reading When paper IOU substitute real cash

Manipulated crisis

The current debate about a possible run on deposits in the Euro zone means that calls for greater union, and giving up of sovereignty is the only way forward. It seems to me that this crisis was engineered to bring about a scenario where decisions need to be made quickly which would normally take months and government processes to do. Make a crisis happen of apocalyptic proportions and you can certainly get people to decide things which would not normally get decided. All this to say, how many crises does it need to take to steer whole populations against the … Continue reading Manipulated crisis

A form of godliness but denying the power

I was musing over this phrase this morning and God said this is the condition of the Church. It has the form or outline but no life. Not that is every Church, but for those who merely have the same ones praying, preaching, same form-at, dismotivated saints, disappointed prayers, powerless praisers, punched up people, this is the congregation of which I speak. Its time to face up to the diagnosis 1. Loss of first love 2. Fear of disapproval of society. 3. Deceived into apathy. 4. Jezebel abounding 5. False/ traditional way of teaching without the breath of revelation. This … Continue reading A form of godliness but denying the power

The season of Pillars

2011 has been a year of establishing foundations. I have seen in my own life, family, and in church life, as well as in the nations mass upheaval. This upheaval is uncomfortable, unsettling and sometimes very difficult to cope with. I remember that my own situation was one of being given no choice but to change some things, The nations have seen major upheavals, seen major changes, with dictators, being toppled. I really saw this as a foundational year, and I saw my own ministry and life have new solid foundations of faith and intimacy with the Lord, and it … Continue reading The season of Pillars

Rioting without a cause

This week we have all seen the spreading of rioting throughout the cities of Britain. There has been a lot of destruction, some loss of life. Everyone is asking why. First of all the spiritual landscape of Britain is apathetic, with a society based on easy going economics, political correctness, and humanism. This means we are bringing up a generation who have no presentation, posture for work. They are mostly unemployed for years, and without any prospect. This along with humanistic vacuum which has left the country a shadow of what it once was. The minorities are affecting the opinion … Continue reading Rioting without a cause

The mystery of eternity

Dear all, I am back in Brixham. I have been back for over a week. I am here with the family. It has been good. This is quite a delicate time, for two reasons. One year ago, a woman of faith, my mother in law, left this life, to receive her eternal reward, and this marked a time last year, of demarcation, where God’s glory was present. In that valley of the shadow of death, we all learned how close we are to the eternal realms. It is now exactly 1 year to the day, since she went. I am … Continue reading The mystery of eternity