New Series! The Purposes of God

There will be one more message to conclude the Coming of the Lord series and then to tie in is the Purposes of God. What is needed more than ever is an understanding from the Word what is God purposing for our generation, our nation, our Church, our family. In this context we can tie in our understanding of the End Times .

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Once we grow into this greater understanding we come into a greater capacity to flow in those purposes seeing our lives gain a greater effectiveness of service and gifting. If we believe those purposes are exterior to us, we will find that our lives stay in the same routine and with all the uncertainties and this will not bring an impulse to prayer, to fellowship in our Church and in the community we live in. Since March 2020 we have seen a “new normal” affect our lives. It is urgent therefore that we understand that the purposes of God are worked out in our heart first!


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