The Ever Given: word for today

For several days the trading world has watched and waited whilst the Ever Given run by Evergreen was aground across the narrow Suez Canal.

The Suez Canal a very narrow passageway eliminated a 2 week run around Africa to Europe and the rest of the West. Yet for the last few days has been grounded across the whole breadth of this narrow trading canal. They say it will take 5 years to recover from this event in terms of trade and the backlog of ships 🚢 in this time of waiting is to take some time to resume its natural rhythm.

As I looked today the Lord began to speak to me concerning the “narrow” channel of His Provision that through His People has somewhat run aground and narrower. Ministries during the pandemic have continued to grow larger and demands to trade down a narrow channel means that smaller ministries are waiting and waiting and their capacity to keep going in the waiting.

Our tendency is to criticise the bigger ministries for their greed yet what we need to pray for is their “refloating” and once they get on their way so the flow of financial provision will continue. Then a correction will come in the ministries never to allow such great ships come down a very small channel.

The other thing God wants to highlight here is that the “gifting” ministry is getting rarer and rarer. The “sands” of abuse greater and greater. Many who considered the giving of finance a great joy have through the manipulations and demands that steadily climb each day, that these Givers cannot hear the Voice of God any more as their own brokenness has sanded up their hearing. God desires to take out these sands and bring in His Dredgers so that in letting go of these sands of self defence the Dredgers can etch out a deeper channel. This way the great sea of God’s miraculous financial and powerful provision can promote a new flow of provision where the flow never ends whilst the channel is deep and open. We need to pray and honour those who are God’s Givers. They are the essential powerhouse to God’s end time operation.

The alternative is a long way around this obstacle with greater hardship. So in concluding this Word may we pray for this time where the pandemic, lockdowns and regulations to stop ministries from ministering that God’s “Suez” continues to flow! For He alone is the Ever-Given, and ever gives to us!


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