Personal Update

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We mark a year here in the UK of the lockdowns, which the first lasted until July, with restrictions till 4th November, another lockdown, till December 2nd, then another lockdown from January 4th which is supposed to last until 21st June. It has been a harrowing process for me personally. It is not just for me personally but for all itinerant ministry who survived on travelling the nations preaching and teaching.

The pandemic meant that Churches and ministries could hardly function, albeit online, and the isolation and restrictions have played a part in altering our psychological well being too.

I am writing this personal update to share with you and ask your help also. The aim of this ministry is to help ministries and Churches get inspired and receive hope from teaching and preaching, and personal support to ministries. I am also writing books at the moment to make up a minister’s pack, which for those who cannot purchase can have their own pack also for free. This and new training opportunities will mean that Churches can benefit from new resources and personal teaching from the Word.

There is vision to visit poorer countries to equip them too.

You may think is this necessary? It is necessary when in the affairs of the world we clearly verify the changing spiritual climate that means that governments and people groups are mobilising to come against the Word of God, and as this is happening God’s people are not being clearly prepared by the Churches because many are still in maintenance mode. There is a clear need to present the message about the end times and how to prepare for them so that when restrictions begin to tighten believers are prepared and strengthen to face what comes against them. This ministry is given as a resource.

I need your help today as my financial giving has declined over the last few months. It does not mean I do not trust God, for many of you, you might not be able to help. In that case I need your help for prayer. If you can help me and sow into the ministry so we can continue this work, maybe one day in your Church or business we can offer face to face Bible training of a very practical kind.

We ask you to consider if you can, to send a gift via Paypal which I shall include the link below, which will take you to the page. Your gift is an investment and gives us the necessary resources to fulfil our Call.

I would like to thank you for your attention, for your love for God, and please help me today. Please follow the link below.

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