Prophetic Insight for the UK

This word came with a vision. The vision was an army that was covered in icing, the sort of icing you get on a wedding cake.

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When I looked the army was totally covered in this icing. Could not move. Then as I meditated on this word yesterday throughout the day I got the interpretation.

The army is the Church, the Church has sugar coated the Gospel and sugar coated the state.

The army could not move by the weight of the icing. There were things happening outside of this army like a takeover of the country, the army was present, but not moving, nor was it advancing.

It looked like it was asleep…slumber…zzzzzz

The Lord is saying for there to be change and revival the icing needs to be thrown off, off each soldier via true teaching about Jesus the Saviour, but also about the Jesus of Revelation, the judge of all the earth, who has eyes like flames of fire, and a two edged sword coming from His Mouth. Revelation 1.

Once the true revelation is caught so the icing will crack as new strength comes to the soldier, and he begins to advance.

The other is how we have allowed ourselves to be “sugar coated” by the State. The days when our gifts and covenants were subsidised by 33% by the Charity Commission status, the benefits given to all of us in many ways. However as we have a conflict of interest in that we benefitted by government help now we are powerless because the help has come with a price, we must now bow down to the State and allow liberties to be taken away.

Only when we wake up, shake off the icing, and see that what is coming is against the Church, and will ultimately drive the Church underground and make it illegal. They say the best defence is offence. In this case yes.

The Lord is showing us in this vision what has happened. It is time to throw off what we have done and advance as an army.


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