New Series! The Marturia/Martureo

The Lord indicated to me that what needs to be raised up is Word Warriors. In this series we are going to examine the foundations of what the Word Warrior will mean in this season. We have just gone down into another lockdown with untold anguish with people suffering mental conditions, cancer, poverty, unemployment, lack of purpose. This cocktail of measures seems to be worse than the disease the governments over the western world are saying they are combatting. We are not fighting the situation with politics, as this calls for a greater understanding over a war that is happening in the spiritual realm right now between princes of the darkness and the archangels who warfare on our behalf.

There has to be raised up a different type of Christianity than that which existed before the pandemic, which centered on a lighter seeker friendly approach. The danger is that the measures will close some Churches and ministries forever, the reason being is that their approach, their theology no longer fits within the context of people’s lives. Families are becoming restructured as healthy pillars are being removed by people who reside in political and power bubbles. Families are becoming dysfunctional and we seem we are before a deliberate destruction of modern society in the name of science.

It is with this context in mind that we start this new series. It shall form part of a book and training manual for publication when we have completed the things which God will make us understand. We shall receive a new vision and a new impartation to meet the challenges of this time. This new vision can only come from a fresh and balanced understanding of the Word, and a obedience to our perception of our vocation.

If we believe we will return to Church as usual and the pandemic will go away, I think we are mistaken, The only way we will return to these norms is via a spiritual resistance that comes via accessing our MARTURIA. This series will examine what the marturia is and what it does. I hope you will be attentive and that you will actively engage the process which God will roll out for us and we begin to walk together in it.


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