I have started to pray into investors who can donate to our work here at the site. God distinguishes the power to get wealth and riches.

We started by setting up a Limited Company to legally account the donations and income to this ministry. The ministry is not mine it was given by the Lord. This post is not to appeal for funds rather to join me in prayer.

I desperately need a new Macbook with the M1 chip and 256GB of storage for my books and media software. This will come to about £3000. Plus software needed for launching media content.

Books 📚

There are 4 books projected for publication through Amazon this next year.

1. 12 Foundations of the Church 2. 7 Processes of Purification 3. 7 Dimensions of Unity 4. Transitioning earthly family structures to Heavenly Ones.

Media Content

Needing media studio equipment for recording podcasts. Filming for seminars and virtual conferences.

These are prayer objectives for this coming 12 months. God will touch those who desire to become investors. If you desire to become an investor please write to

For those who are guided to give a one time gift can do so through PayPal on

This post is to show you where God is leading me at this time.

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