Christmas Parallels 11: When Jesus goes to Egypt

The Christmas story does not take 12 days as our tradition tells us. In the Church calendar Christmas ends in some circles in January with Epiphany, the visit of the Wise and Learned men from the East. It does not take the small time we have come to fit into the 365 days of our years. The Christmas story takes approximately 3 and a half years. Interesting to note that that corresponds exactly the duration of the Mission of Jesus, and also the revealing of the Anti-Messiah, and the Tribulation.

Going down to Egypt corresponds to depending and trusting in the “world” in the old testament. In fact Isaiah himself prophesies against it, however there came a time when Jesus, the Son, was right to descend. It is however symbolic in positive terms. Moses returned to Egypt to deliver God’s people from slavery. In the end days going to Egypt has a new significance, when Jesus goes there.

Going to Egypt represents a transitioning of leadership and government.

Jesus is taken to Egypt after Joseph receives a dream of an angel commanding that they take the baby to Egypt. How obedient and fortunate it would have been. The slaughter of babies was what Herod did when he could not get to see Jesus, knowing from the signs that He was born. Jesus stayed in Egypt about a year to 18 months. In that time Herod dies and Archelaus reigns in his place. The angel appears in a dream again to Joseph to release them to travel back and as Joseph did not trust the son of Herod, so Jesus was taken to Nazareth. This was to fulfil prophetic scripture, “He shall be called a Nazarene”. It is interesting that Nathaniel of the disciples remarked that could anything great come from Nazareth, yet he is promised visions of the son of man.

I think that the Church will have its own “going down to Egypt” season. For Jesus it is protective, for it hides the baby from murderous government. This government God removes. I see a removal of this governmental structure of today. I am sure all those who are discerning know a change has come over the world the last 9 months. The way that tendencies are being shaped is draconian at best. The “baby” represents a new Church coming forth for this season. The “baby” is Jesus being birthed spiritually in His people. This time being birthed not as Saviour but as Lord and King. This going to Egypt is for transition.

There is no doubt that many Church leaders are also asleep to what changes are over the world right now. There is a transition going on, more and more evil is being legislated into state laws. The more evil grows so must God must transition His people into fulness too. For this there must be a new leadership capable of understanding that the next move of God is the dual manifestation of the Word and the Spirit. This means a new commitment to studying, being open to the Lord to reveal His whole Counsel, and preaching and teaching it. Those who no longer are conscious, nor obedient, God will set down and raise up leaders for the new move that will come. Seasons change, and if the devil has pushed forward such a global evil agenda, it means that God is conceiving and causing a gestation of a new move of the Holy Spirit.

Many study Revelation focussing on the Mark of the Beast, the Beast, the Antichrist, the false prophet, and say that these represent markers of the end. They are not. They are the counter moves to what God will do. First God will mark His people with His Mark of the martureo, which produces new signs and wonders, the new Kingdom shall arise in the hearts of His People, and Jesus shall come TO His Church to bring truth, and a new prophetic people shall come forth. Focus NOT ON THE DEVIL and his end time programme, focus on Jesus and His end time work!!! For this two things must happen, a new leadership and a prepared people. This is a reason why the Church will “descend to Egypt”. The change of Church leadership will provoke the change of secular governments.

Going down to Egypt is preparation for Nazareth: growth and preparation in Grace

Egypt was preparation for Nazareth. It was there that Jesus grew in grace, right up to when John the Baptist appeared. I believe that the season will come when we wait for transitions of leadership changes we come into a Nazareth experience. I had some foreboding regarding 2021, but now I am seeing clearly from what we have journeyed in this series, what is being prepared before us. I am more confident of great breakthroughs and great advances, despite the trials we may experience. Once the leadership changes have taken place we can grow in favour with God. This for me is the first sign of personal covenant, which in the geographic location where God places us, when favour starts to flow. Nazareth for Jesus, in the midst of normal physical growth, there was great favour on Him. I believe in the next season GREAT FAVOUR will be what we will grow into.

Without Egypt and Nazareth, Jesus the Son, the Messiah could not enter the Mission He fulfilled. In our lives we must have similar paths to tread. Let us meditate on these two experiences of Jesus and apply them to our lives.

Happy Christmas.


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