Christmas Parallels 6: The 2 wombs, the forerunner and fulness

The story of Christmas according to Luke the historian is about 2 babies, two impossible pregnancies. Two wombs. In this message I wish to convey what the Lord has given to me. This series for me has been a great discovery in the Christmas story found in the Bible. This is not learning from an academic point of view in terms how it is conceived. It is conceived in the Author who comes to perfect our faith by making us aware of the insights the Word has for us.

The old womb that never bore for sterility, the new womb that never bore for virginity

One womb, that of Elizabeth was now sterile for age, past bearing. The Virgin womb of Mary never bore never known a man intimately. Yet God chose to bring two wombs into bearing. This revelation started to percolate like coffee. It began to exude that aroma. The aroma of the Holy Spirit when He is about to reveal something very powerful. There is something very important in how we approach Elizabeth and Mary.

Sterility: The Law brings us into sterility before God and before the time and work of His Messiah

Virginity: God brings something new from a womb that is new and fresh to bring the seed of the Word to conception. The New Covenant is birthed directly from Divine Seed.

Many people see that the Old Covenant is significant only of the Law, but forget the covenants of Promise through Abraham, accessed by faith, and through David, the Sure Mercies, which bring us by Pursuing God’s Heart that brings us into His covenant. The Law was a “red herring” in that what people do not understand is that the Law prepared man to understand that without the effects of sin being redeemed there was no redemption through the Law. We come through to this grace by faith through this Divine Seed that God conceived in Mary here in this story, by the conception and birth of the Messiah, Jesus Christ.

John represents the role of a forerunner

Luke 1 speaks of the Holy Spirit coming upon Zechariah and him prophesying the ministry of his son. He would ” go before His face (Messiah) in the spirit and power of Elijah”. This is a definition of the forerunner role that John would take. It would mean that he would end the dispensation of the Old Covenant, and make way for the New to fulfil the Old. There is so much false doctrine from this, saying that the Church substituted Israel in the eternal plan of God. Yet Zechariah 12:10 tells us how God will reveal His Messiah and bring them back into the Plan. God was going to transfer the blessings of Abraham through Christ directly, and the Sure Mercies of David also, by fulfilling the stumbling block to fully accessing all the covenants, how we all fall as regards the Law. Jesus came to fulfil the Law perfectly by being fully man and fully God, submitting to the death on a Cross, and shedding His Perfect Blood. His blood is perfect due to the Divine Conception, it was not a father’s blood that passed in that conception. So John must announce, cry out in the wilderness as Isaiah 40 declares. His role is pivotal, in that had he had not cried out, for repentance, Jesus would not have been manifest. His ministry would be a Nazirite, of a strict order, of no strong drink, no cutting of hair, a hard life of sacrifice.

Jesus represents fullness

In contrast Jesus has come to bring fullness. Is it not by chance that Jesus’ first miracle is the water turned into wine in the marriage in Cana? Jesus in contrast is not a life of the same level of sacrifice than John. It was a celebration of announcing the Kingdom of God coming into men’s hearts. Where John feasted on locust, Jesus feasted on choice fare. Jesus represents the exact representation of the Father to men, Hebrews 1:3. He has come to announce the end to all stumbling blocks to redemption, in Himself, as a Paschal Lamb, and as a Priest according to the order of Melchizedek. He is lifted up as a Son by the Father: Psalm 110:1, Philippians 2-10. So for Jesus to represent this fulness He could not be conceived in a normal way. When Jesus came, and comes He comes to bring fulness. Galatians speaks of “the fulness of times” which indicate that God always acts when fulness is reached. When Jesus came, all came to be changed.

The season of the forerunner and fullness has come!

Yes, you may have thought that there was some kind of application. We are in a time of the forerunner and fullness, coming together, just like the first and latter rains, together, the river producing its fruits every month, therefore seed time and harvest coming together. Ezekiel 47 and Revelation 22. We are celebrating the fact at Christmas that John and Jesus came at a similar time. They came together! They have come to bring change, and not just change in the affairs of history. John and Jesus represent distinct covenants, different. One is the moon that reflects the sun, but who is the true Light is Jesus.

There is coming a new type of prophetic people in the earth, which means they like John will have a different spirit than the religious system of the day. Their separation from trends and the world will be radical. Their lifestyle will be a radical separation and rejection of anything that would profane what God has given them from birth. The Nazirite order is coming back again. There will be a price to pay to see the Messiah fullness come in our lifetime. The old womb that bore men of fire, will bear again, older people will be moved upon to “bear the prophetic people again.” There shall be a real message like John of repentance. Malachi 4 tells us that God will send Elijah once again before the Great and Dreadful Day of the Lord. I believe this speaks to what I am receiving from God regarding this new forerunner generation. The contrast this time is the focus on the Messiah who has already been revealed and will be revealed again!

The land of Israel has a phenomenon called the Daystar which lights up just like the dawn, signalling the coming of the true light. Believe me as I tremble writing this, a mighty manifestation of the Messiah is coming. Without the forerunner Jesus cannot come. The forerunners must speak to God’s House first, because they have reduced their faith within the law without discerning the purposes of God revealed in Scripture to those who would be stirred to seek Him. Repentance and return to righteousness shall be the message.

This what I am seeing is not the physical coming of Jesus, no. This coming of Jesus is to the Church for the final harvest. However this forerunner movement will come again after to prepare for Jesus’ true coming. This will happen after God’s people Israel receive Jesus Messiah. Zechariah 12:10 and Revelation 1:7 tells us this. The last of the Gentiles must come before God turns His attention to His Elect, spiritual Israel. This spiritual Israel is Jews and Israelites so stirred like Ezra (Ezra 1:1) to prepare to receive the Messiah. Once this happens so Jesus shall come physically to establish His Throne.

So the two wombs represent this process. The two births represent eternal change. Jesus will do this in each generation. Elijah shall come in the hearts of God’s prophets. This will prepare the Church for fullness, so that in fullness God will confront error and iniquity through the earth.

Our celebration of Christmas is prophetic in this wise. When we see lights, trees, we see Ezekiel 47 and Revelation 22 where the fruits come every month and the leaves are the healing of the nations. So let us be mindful this Christmas 2020.


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