When the foundations are destroyed what can the righteous do? Psalm 11:3

We have all been shocked at the powder keg that has gone off in the United States, the corruption in state police, protests, looting and shooting. It seems the fires have obscured the other crisis devastating the nation, the COVID19 crisis. George Floydd situation has set off a wave of destruction throughout the nation, for which does not seem to abate. What is being revealed is that there is a conspiracy at work to deport those the police are revealing to immigration, making peaceful protest and stirring up violence.

This fire which we see belies a fire that has been burning for a long time…

What we are seeing now is the explosion of injustices that have occured for so long. I want to avoid entering into the politics of the issue, because I am not American, I do not live there, however I am aware the same unseen fires are also “burning” here in the UK and Europe. The fire starts because as society becomes more secularised and we deal with issues with partiality and racism we get to these explosions. The fires of injustice that burn in the hearts of those so without justice will one day explode and all the nation shall burn.

The fire that burns is because there is no fire in the Church

In the title of this message I cite Psalm 11, is I believe the only Word that fits this situation. The Church must in prayer bear its responsibility in this situation, the segregation, the cultural divides, the profiling that is going on. It seems the fabric of diversity has frayed to almost dropping apart. Yesterday on my wife’s Youtube channel, video about to be release deals with this issue, I saw that what I am writing here, as a white person, with a sense of frustration, not at the Black communities, even the distinction itself can become a root of racism, but at my white populations for being not vocal enough about these injustices. The fire of revival must burn so that this be washed away in a spiritual transformation

There is no way we can look on from this side of the pond and think its an American problem, its not. Its a world issue, and one the Church must make itself guilty and responsible, that is how Nehemiah prayed, Daniel prayed, making themselves guilty for the sins which were national sins. Only this way can we see God light His fire. This fire that God brings is not one that divides, nor one that destroys. Got to be honest, I am angry, am livid, because we have let this happen, by embracing false gospels, selfish faith, and maintaining our lives, our comfort, whilst all the time ignoring the bigger picture. This post can demonstrate a anger, but if I leave it there, then it is a attempt to just highlight this, get my opinion across and it stays there. We have been praying for the coronavirus issue, we need to go deeper, we need to do what Isaiah 62 says: Give God no rest until He establishes His righteousness in His Church so from our resources we can be first a VOICE FOR JUSTICE, second we can be A RESOURCE for healing. Thirdly we can be A PROVISION for those who have been injusticed by providing lawyers for taking perpetrators to court, fourthly we can be A FOOD PROVIDER AND JOB PROVIDER for those who have lost all in the covid19 and riots issue. Many business owners have lost all.

Fifthly I am writing on Pentecost Sunday when the Church was inaugurated with the DELUGE of the Holy Spirit, would it not be wonderful to mobilise a Church worldwide to pray for the USA and the nations promoting the fact that God created the races and value them, root out racism in the heart through prayer, preaching and teaching? Join me in praying and mobilising for this!

When God lights His fire there are no victims and perpetrators are exposed

This is not a victim mentality when people filmed a man with his neck on the floor, police man smiling, people around with mobile phones filming the whole scene, for the whole world to see. This is provoking the FIRE OF GOD because George Floyd is not just a victim, no he is the person who comes to highlight what is wrong, unfortunately he died for his injustice, who knows if this “seed” is the turning point for change! The Church needs to stand on the side of God’s way of justice and call first in prayer for change and wait for the part of the solution be revealed.

When the fire of God comes no-one will be able to breathe when they are hardened to the Call to prayer

We must choose the fire we care to stand in, either the fires of a population injusticed by those who say they represent justice, or the Fire of God who brings purification and the founding of a different society. Hebrews says the following: “If you will hear His voice harden not your hearts.” The Call is out, this is no American problem, and the fires will begin to burn worldwide unless we access our true Call as the Church.

So let us mobilise the Prayer effort. For if we let the foundations be broken up, there is nothing left. This prayer effort is the FIRE FOR FIRE PRAYER EFFORT. Let us pray that God’s people rise up, and that we mobilise in that which God calls us to DO.

write to me: reverendrusselldurose@gmail.com

Let us ask God to bring His fire to replace the destructive fires of injustice.


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