“I will write the law on their hearts and give them a new heart”

Ezra 1:1 is a culmination of 70 years of captivity between 587BC-517BC. When you see that in that time God enabled Babylon to disappear and Persia be the instrument of the return. How a mighty nation fell! How a displaced nation came into favour.

The motivation for writing this message is to cut to the chase, the purpose of the Captivity is to replace the heart of stone and to give a heart of flesh, to give the Spirit to write the Law of the Spirit in that heart of flesh, a heart to obey the Lord. So in those 70 years this was what was being worked into the hearts of the Israelites. The Jews of Judah. What God was to do was birth in them a desire for Zion! To return to the Glory of when Zion had its Tabernacle, when the Prophet sat on the nation’s throne.

What needs to be birthed in the Heart of the Church is not ministry, pulpit, worship but a heart after Christ, her Bridegroom.

What was worked in them was not just in them, but came Cyrus, who was stirred by God.

We need a working in of that new heart and that His Spirit writes the Law on our hearts! So that governments and kings will release the Church to return to its Gospel land!

You cannot know the Law of God of the Spirit unless the heart has been changed. Up until this crisis, the Church has been plagued by divisions, power and many scandals. It must admit in repentance for God to take away the heart of stone, and give a heart of flesh. Then will God write His laws. The law had already been written on stone but they broke it with idolatry! Now the heart is one of devotion to One True God!

The Captivity also was used to judge and move around power of the nations, the mighty fell, the kingdoms came and went. So in our day we will see the Kingdoms fall because the angel has gone out and proclaims: THE KINGDOMS OF THIS WORLD HAVE BECOME THE KINGDOM OF GOD AND HIS CHRIST!

God is coming to write His Law as we crave for His Zion!

Right now the Church is in its own “Captivity” because God is using it to refine His people. He desires to give us a new heart. From this new heart He will take of His Celestial Pen and write His Law, His Word in our hearts. That way obedience, integrity will come from what God has written in our innermost being!

To get us to return to Zion He will humble nations and raise up kings in our favour.

Many times I have written here that Cyrus only liberated the jews to their land for one reason! To rebuild God’s House! Would it not be an indictment on the jews if their desire for God’s house would be less than that of Cyrus who did not live for the Covenant!

He is moving today nations, and there are those who think they can hold onto power, but they cannot. They will find themselves facing the prince Michael who is warring in our favour. Many who have manipulated populations will find themselves thrust out of positions of power and influence. God is about to reveal Himself in one agenda: the end time harvest of souls. This will complete the Great Commission.

The God that Stirred up Cyrus will stir up kings and governments

God prospered the jews where they were, and we shall prosper, but there is a “House” to be built for God. The Lord will cause His agenda to be set by government. It will not be set by doctors and scientists who have the world in their power by fear.

I sense there is a small window opening up for completing the Gospel of the Kingdom task Jesus set for us, and I believe that God is about to release the means for a return, by executing His plan for the coronavirus crisis, by bringing truth and causing the issue to be resolved. Families that lost loved ones in this, will find new comfort.

Jeremiah wrote a letter to the Captives, spelling out 70 years. Ezekiel showed the captives where they were, why they were here in the situation they were in. Daniel influenced the palace perspective of the Jews. Esther acted in favour when Haman tried to destroy the jews’ reputation and execute mass murder on them. Nehemiah gained favour with the king to initiate the return, with Ezra, and all the priests.

God is moving His Prophets into position, of influence to ready the people to reoccupy their place in God. We have to understand that we cannot go back to the ways we were before the crisis. It is a time to bring in the Latter Rain harvests that Joel 2 prophesies.

Peter said in Acts 2 that the visitation was the Former Rain, so in our day we must ready ourselves for a great deluge of the Spirit. Then the Day of the Lord.

For all this to happen we must allow God to give us a new heart and write on it His laws, so that obedience is our love for Him.

It is time to prepare to move into our call to “Build His House” of prayer for all nations!

Get ready! That new season is upon us!


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