Behold I do a new thing…do you not perceive it…?

Behold, I will do a new thing; now it shall spring forth; shall ye not know it? I will even make a way in the wilderness, and rivers in the desert.
Isaiah 43:19 KJV

Isaiah 43 declares from God a new thing. The new thing, could be a new season, a new work specifically in our circumstances. All of us are perceiving the world around is always changing. There is no day the same, and if our spiritual life has a same thread in it, maybe we have strayed away from God’s transitionary paths.

I think that the more attuned to comprehending God’s ways through interacting with God’s Word, reading about the old saints, early Church Fathers, we begin to detect and discern the new season, the new thing God is about to do.

In context the verse in Isaiah 43 tells us that God is about to bring rivers into the desert, and the desert would become a fertile place. The work of God starts in the desert. You have to first see that desert seasons, geographic locations where we experience hardness and tough situations, God promises that He will transform what was dry to be refreshed, what was barren to be fruitful.

We have to now understand that who this speaks to is a Covenant people. We cannot take a verse and apply it without first seeing whether our lives match up to accessing covenant and accessing its benefits. Some want to access the blessings without paying the price of preparation.

Yesterday we were in a University and the phrase came out: the key to success is the preparation one has to undertake. Without preparation there is no success. In where we are success is not fame, not money, rather it is experiencing the favour of God where doors open and opportunities get put in our face, and what happens is so impossible naturally but happens in seconds.

I believe that the new thing God desires to do, is prepare a Highway in our lives, in our families where Jesus can come. This Highway is specific for the Kingdom, Jesus’ reign can come through to show not only the blessings but the price also of obedience.

Personally, this year is a major transition year, in which I am having to exercise a new level of trust…I thought that my life was to go a certain way, yet since being in hospital, nearly dying due to Sepsis, I am finding that God has taken me to another level. This has also affected some situations in which I had as pillars in a former season, now it seems God is changing all the panorama.

As it springs forth shall you not know it?

Perceiving the new thing springing forth speaks to a people who have acquired discernment as to how and when God moves. The receiving of the new thing of God comes to those who have “seen” and sensed it. In Hebrews 11 not all who received promises but not all received them as fulfilled in their lifetime. The passage speaks of how they possessed the Promises and how they embraced and greeted them from afar. They possessed them as their own, and when they perceived that they were not personal to them but for generations they were able to transmit through their “testimony”.

New vision is coming forth, which will change the way we live. The quieter time, desert time, waiting and praying, will give way to new activity to a level we have not seen. We will see an outflow of what we learned in the quiet time.

When we talk about getting new projects off the ground we need to be like Zacharias, who was dumb, yet when he proclaimed the word of the angel not only was he released to speak, so also the Holy Spirit filled his vision, and he proclaimed things which were way beyond the words of Old Testament prophets. What we are to proclaim today is a mighty filling of vision into God’s people, where He proclaims in Isaiah 54 to rise up, throw off the shackles, prepare for Jesus to set His Kingdom into this earth and reigning with Him. To be bold where we replace our words of political persuasion to words of prophetic significance.

I am writing a book concerning the 7 processes of purification of the Word in our lives. It has confronted me on many issues, and am sure I am living out some of the things God brought to my attention. I have now started the 2nd Book, “12 Foundations of the Church”. These will form the foundation of my teaching, lecturing wherever God will send. I know that universities will open up to a new level of Theology, not to fill minds, but to activate hearts to do the works of God.

I believe that as God said “Let there be Light” so there will be manifestation immediately from teaching and imparting. Then the Word became flesh, as John said, where people will see a greater level of the Word in activation in their lives. Its not about gaining power, or doing projects, its about manifesting Jesus.

Shall ye not KNOW it

In a technological age “knowing” is to do with academic “knowing”, in Hebrew “knowing” as a implication of an intimate interaction of Him who gives knowledge to those who love Him, obey Him, and live by His Covenant. Knowledge is not the end of the pursuit but union with the One who reveals Himself is the ultimate goal. Knowing Him is worth all things. Knowing Him is the goal of the High Calling of Philippians 3. To know Him we must throw off all earthly loves and achievements.

Rivers in the Desert

The rivers refresh the desert. They inspire. They envision. They are releasers of provision.

When you consider Anna the prophetess, widow in Luke 2, 84 years in the Temple, where did her provision come from daily? It came from her pursuit, “Consolation of Israel” which consumed her daily routine.

This kind of inspiration fills up and brings the provision. Projects are coming forth and they will need investment and need manpower to achieve. Pro-vision is for the vision. God desires us to articulate what God has filled our eyes with. God asks the question “do you not perceive it?” Several times. If our vision is not so well defined we lose out on the potential to see released all kinds of resources to fund the initiatives that God has shown us.

For me this site reflects what I teach here and there. What I believe God has envisioned me with is the building of Biblical pillars and building blocks, foundations to see built in the nations a Habitation for God to dwell by His Spirit. It may be a Church, it may be a University.

A Church seminar
A Theology Degree or Course

My passion is to see my love for the Scriptures and the Church that give place to the Scriptures to be taught and lived out, in any place God will open doors for me. In a time that God announced “Behold” means we need to clearly communicate and consolidate in our minds what objectives God sets for me, my generation.

So be expectant with the new things, do not resist them, because God comes and prepares, presents, and propels us into new areas, even taking us geographically from one place to another with direction. Its not about geographic moves but about the precise guidance we receive.

Its not always about going, its also about staying and waiting for God to bring His Rivers. If you are in a dying Church, or in a ministry which has seen more inspiring days, wait. God will bring His rivers, and will transform.


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