Hidden Christmas; when the definition and the science don’t add up in Jesus’ birth

This message is not to bring controversy but to open our minds to what we define and how we define.

The question that I pondered over this Christmas period was; when Jesus was born He was born of a Virgin,meaning that Mary was a Virgin still when she gave birth.

Our science would say not, today, as virginity has been defined by biology and the existence of the hymen intact or not.

However for virginity to be lost, or given up, there needed to have been a physical relationship between Mary and Joseph. Which Scripture affirms that Jesus’ conception was a supernatural work of the Holy Spirit.

It may seem odd to bring this message now just before New Year. This will close our series Hidden Christmas for now. However it opens our mind to how we define things and realities from Scripture. There will be constants throughout 2020 which will come against our faith. There will be society itself redefining the relationships that have formed the foundations of mankind. Then there will be erroneous doctrines and outright heresies that will try to deceive the very elect.

The key was as Mary gave birth to Jesus she was a “virgin” which denotes purity and chastity. She had no physical or emotional entanglements which means that she could devote to her son the attention He deserved. This is the key for all of us. The things that God wants to birth through us require a “virginity” of sanctification to a life of holiness. That is why the Apostles Creed specifies the Virgin Birth. It is foundation to how the Messiah is birthed to His qualification as Saviour and Lord.

For Him to be birthed in our generation He must be birthed in the same purity and chastity. We cannot birth anything when our flesh is not crucified or our senses trained to discern truth (Hebrews 5.14). Jesus said times were coming that even the very elect were vulnerable to being deceived. The deception that is coming is going to undermine the Person of Jesus.

If for the first 3 centuries the question of Jesus and His Identity was the object of considerable debate and heresy I see the next decade an intensification of this trend. It is not wrong ideas about Jesus, it is believing in a inspiration that comes from the demonic realm.

There is coming a trend in spirituality so aggressive that people will be cajoled into aligning themselves in it. However its Jesus is not the Son of David, and its inspiration is not the Holy Spirit. To be honest my view increasingly is; nothing safer than personal Bible Study.

As the Virgin Birth is a foundational stone to Jesus ministry, so our sanctification from flesh and deception will form a foundation to a true visitation of Jesus in this generation.

Personal; the last few days and weeks have not been easy with illness in the family. Also from the 11th January shall be journeying on ministry to Alaska. Please pray for the Word taught on this journey and for my family who will hold the fort here in the UK.


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