Hidden Christmas: what the angels proclaim!

Luke 2 in the Christmas story tells us of the angelic host appearing to the shepherds, leading them to Christ. What they proclaim in all times and in all situations is the intention of heaven, announcing His working, His Perfect Plan.

We see the angelic host cross the returning path of Jacob as he returns from Laban, to Esau, to correct a human injustice, that is in the receipt of God’s covenant he still usurped and disrespected his elder brother. However the Book of Jasher tells the other side of the story, the angels crossed the path of Jacob on their way to Esau to open his heart to reconcile with his brother. They showed Esau what God had destined for Jacob…I found this side of the story very intriguing. Intriguing because they cajole Esau to see what he would not readily perceive.

In Isaiah 6 we see a different picture of Angel’s. We see a distinction between Seraphim and Cherubim. We see them guard God’s glory. We see them proclaim a heavenly vision of the earth and what the Glory does. This year I saw something in this passage I had not seen before. I saw that what touched Isaiah was something very specific. It was a Messianic Vision. It was a profound and detailed vision of what the Messiah would come to do. We see 3 streams of ministry run through Isaiah in that he is of royal descent, he is in the high priestly role and what came to him was highly prophetic. We must learn that when heaven opens to us a ordination, a vocation , we begin to walk in the essence of heaven. I believe in 2020 this will be a reality.

In Luke 2 we read of the angelic choirs and hosts declaring. What are they declaring? They declare 3 things.

Glory to God in the Highest

This glory goes up and comes down. Just like Jacob’s ladder in Genesis. For God to activate His Glory on the earth He brings an aspect of Himself to a generation to impact all time. The Highest is coming to the earth, hence we need to give God glory in the Highest. We see Him manifest in His highest expression. Christmas is a beautiful demonstration of God being birthed as fully human and fully God . He comes through a innocent Virgin. He is birthed in perfect timing, perfect geography, perfect community. And all who saw Him knew Him.

God is bring Jesus to us and we shall know Him. The Highest came down that night with choirs of Angel’s. “HARK THE HERALD ANGELS SING” my favourite Carol, captures this essence. Where the Angel’s come so the Glory comes also. They prepare the space for the Lord to manifest. What I believe as we embrace this angelic beauty of Christmas night, so we must expect angelic ministry from here on in as we expect and pray for that vision.

Peace on earth

The 2nd proclamation of the Angels is the establishment of Peace on Earth. Yet we do not yet see peace. What we see here is the Prince of Peace being brought into the world to accomplish 2 specific streams of ministry in the earth. One being 33 years in duration, the other has being going on for over 2000 years already. One is the mission of Saviour of Salvation, and the other Judge for our end time destiny.

For peace to come to earth the fulness of Jesus’ Kingdom must come. We remember the Lord’s prayer, the exclamation “your Kingdom come!” And even more the exclamation of the Spirit and the Bride saying “Come Lord Jesus “. ( Revelation 22) . The Angel’s aid us in this exclamation and this vision. Hence we need to embrace this angelic vehicle that brings the Glory and Mission of the Messiah to earth. How does this happen? We do not yet see peace, but who makes Jesus Lord will start to walk into ever increasing degrees of peace. The ultimate is Jesus physically arriving in Jerusalem expelling from the earth the agents of evil. Then true peace will come.

Good will to all men

This establishment of the Messiah heralds the Birthing of a true community of priests and Kings to God, showing Agape to each other. Christmas is the announcement of this 3 fold process. And as we have seen in my first message for Christmas we saw parallels of this coming and looking for His Coming Again. Now what we are seeing is the clear process that comes out from “The Word became flesh and dwelt amongst us.” John 1.

Every year there is the ever questioning of Christmas and its purpose in the Church calendar,if it is for each aspect I see in Scripture it certainly must maintain its special place. When we untangle it from the secular stories and traditions we see a wonderful and beautiful milestone in mankind’s history. Worth celebrating it in it’s TRUE sense.


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