When the fight transcends normal structures

I try to keep this site away from political arguments and political prophesying 😀.

This week we were naturally able to predict the Brexit scenario without possessing any supernatural gifting. We were able to see the circus of Westminster not only betray the leave electorate but also the remain, in that the principle violated is the respect of the will of the people.

The charge that needs to be brought to bear is treason is that the will of 17.4 million people is now disregarded and the greatest power grab is happening before our eyes.

Make no mistake, this is not even about the EU but about the ideology of humanism winning over all others.

So as a Church in the UK we must see this as an occupying force of the men of the shadows, not MPs in a parliament. They are a front for more sinister forces at work. No matter your persuasion in this matter do not be fooled, democracy has died and what is left is a charade which ends in dictatorship.

Sorry to be so strong but my eyes plainly saw the way we British people have been treated and as I determined not to enter the argument I looked away and saw what we are being distracted from, a power grab has taken place and we are all expendable.

We are being sacrificed for the worship of self and we are being exchanged for mammon.

Unless the Church grasps Psalm 2, we will lose the freedom to be a follower of Christ.

If we are expendable now then we will never recover our true rights and freedoms.

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