Jesus: our prophetic preparation

And I fell at his feet to worship him. And he said unto me, See thou do it not: I am thy fellowservant, and of thy brethren that have the testimony of Jesus: worship God: for the testimony of Jesus is the spirit of prophecy.
Revelation 19:10 KJV

For the testimony of Jesus is the spirit of prophecy. This statement in Revelation is very powerful if we understand it.

In a nutshell it is that the life of Jesus is a prophetic pattern for preparation that we will reach our fullness in God and our potential in this generation we need to understand the preparation that God is taking us through.

He is taking us deeper in understanding that we begin to move into a Judicial position because what is coming against us by the world we need a manifestation comparable by what we read in the Early Church. The very essence of the life of Jesus needs to manifest in the Church.

The testimony of Jesus is not what we give for Jesus but what Jesus gives to us. This testimony works in us to reveal Jesus to us, so that God can reveal Jesus through us.

If we desire to see revival more and more we need to see that it is not trying to make the message or our Church more revelant, but it is the outpouring of the Spirit where miracles take place not only to bless people but confront the ideologies that are growing up now.

In Genesis 15 God speaks to Abraham and extends to him a covenant which flows down to Christ and through Christ to us. When God reveals the way that He would affect the earth through Abraham He reveals the timing of what would happen in 4 generations from him.

When you consider that Abraham had not even a son, God extends his faith to see his descendants. Abraham’s covenant was to be birthed miraculously would be a judgment on the Amorites and other peoples who were defiling the land. God extends covenant as a two edged sword, as it is blessing for God’s people it is judgment that purified the land. We see that God transforms a family into a nation, and that nation grows in the “womb” of Egypt.

God spoils through the taking out of Israel from Egypt , the riches of Egypt were brought out by Israel through numerous judgments. God uses Israel to purify the land of Canaan to install Israel as a holy and priestly nation.

Through the Word we see many parallels in that what Abraham in founding a holy nation is repeated in Christ. Out of Christ is birthed a new holy family and holy nation.

The challenges facing us all means that understanding what we are being prepared for is as important than the other factors. Jesus was prepared for death. Putting it bluntly.

And for us who are being prepared now? What I see very plainly is a whole series of nations being groomed with a liberal mindset in life where traditional values which for the major part are found grounded in scripture are now being rejected for more progressive ideas.

I see two major areas of opposition, the Church and the world in that order. Jesus was recorded in the first chapter as; He was sent to his own but he was received not. The major part of the collusion of his death came from the chief priests who manipulated Roman rule to get Jesus crucified. I see this same pattern arising again where the Church will use the world to betray and crucify its values.

The whole area of Jesus life is prophetic as it interprets what God is doing now with those who have “lost” their lives by denying the right to live as one sees fit and to live a life given to what God has pre ordained.

The life of Jesus is indicative of our own walk. The testimony that is given us is that we in our surrender to Him have tasted both the communion this affords and the persecution it attracts.

When we define our opposition we see a common ground with the chief priests of Jesus’ day and what some areas of the Church defend today which is the status quo. The potential for revolution in whatever form it takes is resisted at all costs. We cannot therefore label all “priests” and “ministers” this way, but if we define what we saw in Jesus’ day it is easy to discern in those who resist change which the Spirit at times demands.

The depth of preparation is indicative of a mission so radical that a prophetic voice will challenge that status quo, and where the world and the devil has installed its doctrine so you will know where the flash points will come.

Jesus came on the back of the ministry of John the Baptist, regarded by Jesus as the greatest prophet of the Old Covenant, as he was a preparer for the new. We see already the nation stirred and awaken from spiritual slumber. John prepared in the wilderness, and Jesus prepared in a back water town of Nazareth.

The time when the Spirit of Jesus manifests is preceded by a shaking up, where a new unexpected voice attracts all to the wilderness.

There is a move today in many places towards returning to deeper forms of prayer. Retreat centres are being sought out like never before. It seems the call to prayer is sounding.

It is not ordinary prayer, it is a spiritual place where a sense of change is pervading our spirit. As we are drawn away from what is expected of us, into the wilderness we get the notion that great change is on the way.

We remember with fondness the Reformation where spiritual revolution spilled out over Europe and people died for their faith, Yet even today the fruit of it is evident in the proliferation of more and more church movements who proclaim that they possess the truth. Yet the wounds of division have diluted Biblical truth and brought a gospel based in sensation than in discipline.

I was to finish this message and publish today yet what descended was a storm over the family. My situation was a legal matter of great importance that could have landed me in great trouble with the law but required a contract which no company was willing to give. Took all afternoon to broker. Also required finance I did not count on.

The feeling of tightness and extreme anxiety took over me. For me the sense of demonic attack and oppression was very real. And I rejoice because despite the darkness I sensed and experienced I had the conviction that this message concerning Christ is going to hit a region and a place where there will be a massive shift of perception and breakthrough. For all this week I have seen the Father pleased to deposit His fulness in the Son and pour His Fulness by the Spirit in us, making us habitation and the Church. These concepts when studied and understood are dynamite.

The warfare can be spiritual and the blockages they represent be manifest to block our daily life and stymie the ministry of Christ in us and through us.

This weekend I shall be leading a retreat and more than ever I am convinced that a shift is taking place. The narrative that has been told us the last 40 years, the ignorance, misinformation is no longer tolerated by the Lord. There is a judgment started in the House of the Lord. That judgment is to correct the resistance to unity and love, and that Christ’s fullness be placed again in the Church.

The flash points to Jesus Kingdom manifest are where the Kingdom will manifest and it is evident by the amount of warfare there is in these areas

Finances, marriages, ministries, doctrine.

It will be in these areas that we will know prophetic preparation.

I ask that you pray for us. I ask also that God reveal to us the prophetic preparation He is doing in us so we can submit ourselves in key areas. As we submit we shall resist the evil one and he shall flee. It will mark the beginning of us moving into the fullness of our calling.

Jesus was obedient unto death but He was also exalted above all things.

That is where we are going too.


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