The Spirit and the Bride say Come ! Part 4 Hearing, Thirsting and Desiring

And the Spirit and the bride say, Come. And let him that heareth say, Come. And let him that is athirst come. And whosoever will, let him take the water of life freely.
Revelation 22:17 KJV

We are in the flow of a heavenly vision which will be fulfilled in us and for us. This became the theme of this site about 3 years ago. The site was called Vision to the Nation’s but God wants us to go beyond receiving vision to actually commune with Him who is the Source of all things.

There are 3 drives that are highlighted in this pinnacle revelation. There is as we have seen, a unison of calling out between the Spirit and the 👰 Bride. There are three “streams” that run to bring us into this unison of purpose. The Bride and the Spirit who speaks the same things brings the Bridegroom. When the Bridegroom comes He comes to bring perfection and heaven to earth. These three streams are” he that hears” and “he that desires” and “he that thirsts”.

The original Greek text says:

The Spirit and the Bride say come. He who hears , let him say come, he who is thirsty, let him come. He who desires , let him take of the water of life freely.

God by the Spirit distinguishes out those who will be part of this Bridal life.

He who hears

He who thirsts

He who desires

These 3 qualifications are instrumental in identifying those who make up the Bride. And instrumental in “drawing the manifestation of the Bridegroom.”


This hearing of him who hears is not just hearing but hearing and obeying the Spirit

We read very clearly in Luke 2 a clear example of a man given over to hearing. Simeon was a man who had the Spirit revealing to him, leading him and was upon him. This operation of the Holy Spirit brought Simeon to Jesus.

This relationship that Simeon cultivated with the Holy Spirit shows us plainly as a “shadow” of that relationship the 👰 Bride must live if the Spirit leads her to Christ. The Spirit always leads us to the dimension of Jesus Christ.

“He that hears”. The repetitive exhortation given by John in this heavenly book is for those who will hear.

It is not hearing others…rather what we hear through others must correlate with the divine and celestial reverberation ardently and rythmically moving in our 💓 hearts.

The implication of hearing is more lived by those believers who live in Israel who depend on the Spirit to keep them safe. How many people were constrained not to take a bus, or get off before their destination to find that their obedience saved them from danger.

Merely “hearing” is seen in our 2 dimensional language as a passive hearing when Biblically we see it as a full on engagement with obedience in our daily lives .

It is the hearing that signifies the calling. This means He who hears the desire of the Spirit is one who is the 👰 Bride. The Bride is distinct from doing Church.

The transition of the “Church” to become the “Bride” is the agenda of the Holy Spirit. Right now with both errors and rigidity of religiosity in the concept of Church is persuading many that the church has missed the divine ideal.

This is not so, however as in the sense of the writer to the Hebrews says ” we see all things subject unto Him but we have yet to see it” in chapter 2. It is that sense we get here in the reality of the Church. In her state now , divided, and religious we have yet to see any Bride mentality in any kind of fullness .

Many look to revival but we need to ask the Spirit for the heart of the 👰 Bride!

Hearing also is not just hearing the Spirit but beyond that, is discerning the love language of Jesus Himself!

This is why Jesus talks about those who equate the voice with prophecy or delivering people of demons. They miss it completely because the most complete language is the love language shared from the Bridegroom to the object of His Love. These words that come as manifestations of the Holy Spirit are not the same as hearing the love language of the Lord. Once we can discern this love language we know we are in the company of the bridal preparation. If we truly come into this how our prayer life, worship will change.

Once I was invited to preach at a Baptist youth meeting in Portugal . I spoke on the worshippers the Father looks for. It is not by chance that the root word for worship in John 4 is ” to kiss” . Why is the Father looking for them? This is because the 👰 bridal company must know the level of intimacy that the Spirit leads us into. The Father is actively producing that heart of intimacy so that she can join with the Son.

It is a matter of hearing and discerning beyond the confusions and errors of our day and know truly how we walk in God truly.


Jesus in the Beatitudes speaks of those who thirst after Righteousness! They are a separated company for the most significant plan in the centre of the heart of the Father.

Thirst comes in dryness. Thirst comes in lack of hydration. And liquid satisfies this sensation.

Once we see the world and all in it as a motive for our thirst, knowing WHO will satisfy it, we will thirst for Him. We will not fill our life with pursuits that do not fulfil our thirst.

Romans explains the way of righteousness being found in the wisdom of God displayed in Christ by his life, death, resurrection, and heavenly ministry. However in the day of Jesus with all the signs which pointed to Jesus they sought their own righteousness that safeguarded their power, influence and comfort. Does this not seem familiar today of ministers?

Thirsting drives us to where we should gain satisfaction and life giving pursuits. God allows thirst to bring us to His Eternal river. He makes us drink so that we too turn into rivers that pour out. So our thirst opens up wells to satisfy the thirst in others.

Our thirst brings us into the 👰 Bride company as we thirst not for things but for Him as our thirst is love directed at Him who first loved us!


Only in the original text did the Holy Spirit begin to discriminate the preparation He is doing in us!

The desire is associated with the water of life.

In John 4 Jesus introduces this water of life to the Samaritan woman. It strikes me that it seems to be a confrontational exchange with many undertones of current tendencies at that time. What happens is that the well and the water became a focal point to break racial divisions, religious divisions , misconceptions and prejudices . Once this all happened the woman saw her Messiah!!!

The thirst God is putting in our hearts is to break the racial divisions , religious divisions, relational divisions so that Christ the Bridegroom can be seen for who He really is!

The woman is transported from a physical well to a spiritual river, from physical water to spiritual water called also the Spirit. In turn that same recognition of spiritual thirst brings us to our Messiah and our lover .

Desiring is deep undercurrents which only Jesus the Light can unearth in us. The desiring becomes apparent as we turn our desire into devotion.

Because of denominational divisions we now discount and forget the old saints who taught us the value of devotion no matter what suffering could accompany that devotion.

The whole Book of Revelation is written to a suffering people. Today we seem to thirst and desire comfort .

But our desire must become devotion. Christ being the object of our focus .

Desiring is all about where we focus our love!

The wedding is a prime example here on earth of that focus. We witness the focus between a man and a woman in each other. This brings a multidimensional union. How much more between Jesus and His 👰 Bride!!!

So once our hearing, thirsting and desiring flow through God’s people so Jesus will come!!!


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