New! That they may be One

The Lord is doing a deep work in His People.

The Lord has indicated to me that we need to finish looking at McChurch and look at the last prayer of Jesus of John 17. This prayer was prayed before the most painful and sacrificial of deaths, and Jesus knew it and was facing it head on with anguish. This prayer has yet to come to full manifestation.

The most significant part of this prayer is about the Ecclesia being ONE. The reality today is that there are many denominations that call themselves “Church” and yet we are more and more divided by the day.

Churches divide, believers fall away, congregations embrace false doctrine.

Could it be that Jesus prayed something impossible to achieve?

Is it possible to unite?

What do we do about the Reformation and the divisions that have occurred since then?

What should we learn?

This new series shall explore these questions.


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