At what price? The Holocaust and the State of Israel

Today many pictures depicting the Holocaust that killed millions of Jews at the hands of Nazi Germany.

This act of mass genocide culminated 2000 years of dispersion that occurred in 70AD when Titus sacked Jerusalem, destroying the Temple and dispersing the people across the known world.

Today there are moves in many political arenas and ideologies that desire to erase this horrific episode of history.

Is it by chance that within 2 years of this war that the United Nations pass a decree allowing the Jews to return to Israel, their land.

Today the connection is made that the Holocaust in all its horrors paved the way for a new attitude to a Jewish Homeland. There are governments who insist that the Holocaust never happened.

This was quite a price to pay to bring such a turn around of events.

The images and words about the Holocaust must never be forgotten. As the world rejects a left wing globalist view of politics, where nationalism raises its head once again, the opposite end of the political spectrum. It is extreme nationalism that birthed the Nazi party and many many other examples.

It is not only Israel that paid its price as much as the entire world for 2 world wars which shifted the balance between the interests of nation states to economic interests.

May we honour those who in war sacrificed their lives and spilled their blood for a better world.

May we never forget the horrors and fight for a society which embraces values and virtues over politics and power!


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