The Harbinger of Change Part 3; the Cross in time and eternity

I do not think the series would be complete without the Cross even getting a mention. However for all the fleeting generational problems that the Church passes you cannot get away from this fact;

The Church that neglects its devotion to the Cross of Calvary is a Church on its downward slope to apostasy and heresy.

The Lord the last few days has brought to mind the Cross and all He has spoken to me about the last few years. 

The Cross is a daily visit in our devotion to the Lord. We need to see that the Cross has to be the Central point of all that we are and ever shall be.

All things END at the Cross, as all things also BEGIN! 

It is the only one event which in time affects eternity. In that what happened at the Cross ends the curse of sin, and begins the eternity of righteousness. 

Today we must return to the Cross, to get a true picture of where we were in sin, where we are in sanctification, and where we will be in the Spirit of Perfection. 

The mysteries held in the Heart of the Father is the rebellion of angels including Lucifer, the highest ranking, the expulsion to the realm of earth. The mystery of allowing man to fall. Then many generations later in time erase the consequences and power of evil. In one event in time was the authority of Lucifer to hold the world and man to ransom. In eternity bring a Bride to unify herself with Yeshua in a union that shall culminate in the sharing of eternal love.

It seems the disgrace and gore of the Cross, with the betrayal of men, given over by men and the Eternal Plan was a mysterious plan by the Father to disarm and dismay the enemies of the Kingdom by one swoop of an event.

It all seems that the Only Begotten stricken of men, betrayed by leaders, flogged by all was left to taste the type of death all men tasted until then. Death was darkness for all, but Yeshua in death brought light and destroyed Lucifer’s domain over Death, and it’s tentacles in this life. Now the righteous in the Lamb will taste light and eternal life. 

And from this place is Yeshua given a dominion and a Kingdom and the right to supervise the greatest transition ever, this creation to the next perfect new earth and new heaven. 

Everything will be perfected, transformed. All the imperfected will be done away with. And yet from that Cross we see the following effects;

  1. The temple curtain is torn and exposed is a house without glory.
  2. The earth is covered in darkness.
  3. There was an earthquake.
  4. The dead saints rose to life 
  5. The keys of death and Hades are taken from Lucifer ending his rule over the 2nd heaven.
  6. Yeshua preaches to the old saints in Hades and they are freed. 
  7. He is risen again to reveal His Lordship and prepare His Disciples for the birth of new things 
  8. He ascends and takes His Place at the Right Hand to supervise the transition to the perfect. 

What we need to always remember that there is always a Cross present and to be applied to our lives and our families and the nations. 

It is not an event of history but it happened in history but a present reality and a present consequence.

This series is about change. The greatest change we need to embrace is to renew our perspective and put the Cross in its central place in our lives, in our Churches , in our nation. That way change and all its manifestations can take place. 


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