The HARBINGER of Change; upheavals of history

Human history is replete with upheavals of various sorts. We see the first upheaval in Genesis 11 when a tower is constructed to reach heaven. The divine response is to confuse the language and disperse the people over the earth. The next narrative we see is Abram as an end to the period of the dispersion and His own call to a land he did not know. 

The second upheaval is the Children of Israel leaving Egypt after 430 years of slavery. We see the whole process humiliate a mighty regional power to which the Red Sea sees the fate of this power as the river closed over its armies. 

We see in Joshua this same people over 40 years later expel the peoples of Canaan to inhabit the land that God had promised Abraham. 

We go down to 587BC when Nebuchadnezzar overthrows Jerusalem and successive Kings go by until Babylon is no more and Israel is restored to her land. 

Rome overthrows Israel and Yeshua arrives to implant a temple not made with hands. Within 70 years the Romans expel the Jews across the Globe. 

In 1948 we see the UN give legitimacy to the restored Israel for the Jews to return to their land.

However there is a change over the world, a new upheaval. It is the upheaval of the inner man. 

I am convicted that the 1960s and all the new music that came on the scene, new ways of thinking opened the way today for a war that is not waged with bombs nor aeroplanes. Nor armies. But a myriad of fallen angels have been released to deceive the Church and destroy the family. 

A whole new configuration to lifestyle being legislated into being is taking over that even the Church has to accept. 

Even errors of doctrine, errors of omission and addition are taking place that is morphing our faith into something that the Early Church father’s never could imagine. 

Our faith is becoming man centred . Man is the centre of the world and his potential must be unlocked. A whole new way of preaching and teaching, new worship reflects this. Words such as holiness and sin are now obsolete. 

Our faith is becoming experiential over  rational. That is what I feel is an indicator of how I should live. The feelings are catered to to get that “high”. Today a proper doctrinal study is rare. Prayer is either an exercise to get a goosebump or an experience than break through the flesh and crucify its whims to come into intimacy. 

So the Church is becoming more like the world and the world is becoming like the Church as it seeks power outside of God. 

The family is being ripped apart by new configurations of individualism. Division and rebellion characterizing the tendency today. 

But upheavals always mean that God has a mighty plan to bring a new change upon the earth. In the midst of occupation Christ was born.  So how much more in these modern times is something new being birthed. 

When all seems unstable is because God is going to manifest His Change. We need to recognise that in every negative there are seeds of positive change as we walk in God.

Nehemiah surveyed the ruins of his city. The city of his fathers, where the temple was, where God dwelt with His people. 

Now the gates were burned with fire, the walls thrown down. Much in our nation’s are like that today. As Nehemiah prayed 7 days God opened the way for the king to release God’s people to build.

There is a spirit of prayer being poured over God’s people because He is about to release the Church through governments to raise up the walls of morality and close the gates, new gates , to dangerous tendencies. God uses upheaval in every generation to release reformers, revivalists, to change the face of the nation. How much more Today!

Upheaval is a time of opportunity!

When God visits His People no more will they focus on their feelings but they will see God revealed afresh. They will understand His Holiness. They will live by it. Their songs and their message shall be Yeshua and the new Word God is releasing in the earth. THE ECCLESIA.


The new Jersualem symbolizes the perfect community shall start to manifest. 

The Holy Spirit shall breathe this new spirit of community and family on His People. 

Let us pray with fervent hearts that Yeshua comes to us in the midst of the Lampstands. 


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