The Connection between Melchizedek, David and Yeshua; As King received of the Father the Holy Spirit who He poured out…

Therefore being by the right hand of God exalted, and having received of the Father the promise of the Holy Ghost, he hath shed forth this, which ye now see and hear.

Acts 2:33 KJV

Here we celebrate Pentecost Sunday and particularly in my praying God has been speaking to me about this.

Pentecost is not about the filling but the instituting and constituting Church 

Pentecost is Yeshua’s first kingly act in His position at the Right Hand of the Father. 

He receives from the Father the Holy Spirit.

He sends from Himself the Spirit to the Church.

For Church to exist in every generation there needs to be constant sending of the Spirit to the Church. There needs to be a Pentecost where the need arises. We see the Outpouring in Acts 2 and then by Acts 4 the unified prayer also brought a new outpouring. 

So what we surmise in Acts 3 that the Father would send Yeshua to them in the Person of the Spirit. That means Yeshua supervises every visitation of the Spirit to the Ecclesia. 

His placing at the Right Hand is to extend mercy and grace in a place of bringing His enemies under His Feet. Psalm110:1. 

So whatever configuration of what we call Church we constantly need the Outpouring from Yeshua of the Spirit to bring us ever increasingly into the Kingly authority and reign. 

However James says “Submit therefore under the mighty hand of God, resist the devil and he shall flee…” The word here in “mighty” is the Greek word kratos.  This is the highest authority of God that means dominion. This kingly authority must first move and reign in us before we can see it take effect in our surroundings and in the warfare we experience. 

As we let Yeshua rule and reign in His Kingly authority in us first bringing us into subjection and submission only then shall we see ourselves move into our own kingly calling. 

Therefore for this to happen the challenge is to stop doing a mechanical version of Ecclesia, resorting to ritual and human wisdom and ask that Yeshua send His Holy Spirit to bring us into a new place of subjection and submission. 

For the Early Church a sense of selfless community came into those who were identified with the Messiah Yeshua, being immersed into the Spirit and being consecrated as part of the Ecclesia baptised by fire. 

In the Old Testament tabernacle all the utensils were passed through fire as part of their consecration. So even more so the invisible tabernacle of the Ecclesia be passed through the fire of the Holy Spirit. 

So we must see that the sending of the Spirit to the Ecclesia is a first manifestation of His Kingly flow.  In that way as we are immersed in Him so we too flow in our own Kingly Calling as described in Revelation 1:6. We are kings and priests unto God.

Let us pray this day that Yeshua come to  us so that we may be immersed in Him. 


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