UK new Latter Rain

Times of refreshing will come from the Presence of the Lord” Acts 3:19-21

The Lord is going to bless the UK as it is shortly 70 years since the UK supported the reformation of the state of Israel. The Lord brought to mind that 70 years is a leadership generation. The Captivity lasted 70 years to purify the people of God.

The Lord is saying something is about to happen as intercessors pray. For there is going to be a major spiritual battle for the nation. For the intercessors have said ” surely it is time ” and it surely is says the Lord. The Lord speaks directly to His People raised up to pray in this  season for there is going to come a questioning and a determination. The Lord says I am looking for that determination for as Daniel sought for answers so you are called to ask and seek.

The Lord will show that there is a movement of angels in both kingdoms and princes who dominated shall wane. You shall see powers so strong weaken suddenly. God is bringing shifts doc powerful making ready for His New Latter Rain that shall bring in a great harvest of souls. 

The Lord says that a new rain shall start to fall in the nation as you seek My Presence. You shall know of a new armour come upon you which shall birth a militant spirit where you shall be throwing off passivity that characterised the last seasons where my People have been weary. 

Where the Presence of the Lord is present shall come forth something new in manifestation that there will even be manifestations of physical rain. Indeed there shall come forth an abandoning of the normal meetings and there shall be a new understanding of Prayer and worship. 

The Lord says that this shall prepare the Church for the great harvest I am bringing. 

I am honouring the nation for its stance on Israel and the part it played in its restoration and my People who have returned to fulfil my Word.

So the UK shall shine and I call all houses of prayer, all warriors, all ministers to receive a new determination until the vision is released and God’s saints in the UK are released into their place in eternal history as pioneers of the harvest.


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