Prophecy to London




The Lord says London is His Strategic Hub of influence, flow and networking. The Lord says I will do it, I shall pour out revival over the city…but I require leaders to join together in the One cry for the city. As the city of Nineveh was extended My Mercy so I extend again, afresh my Mercy for London shall be a beacon of spiritual liberty and spiritual life. Her roads, her crossroads shall be full of those in prayer in the coming days…for I shall visit my praying people with a new heart for the city. For as Jerusalem was full of people from many nations, so London has many nations, and I shall descend by My Spirit bringing forth a awakening so big, that they shall be dispersed to the nations taking the fire with them.

They shall try to take the financial centre but I shall defend it. They will try to undermine the pound, but I shall defend it, they shall try to bring scandal to the monarchy but I shall defend her. The Lord says in the coming days the Queen shall speak significant words that shall raise up the spirit of the people. In her advanced age she shall speak words that shall catalyze the resolve, ignite passion.

There shall come forth a new dynamism, a new spirit in the city. There shall be enveloped in the financial district a sense of defence and protection.

There is however a requirement for whoever hears this word that each congregation receives My Heart, without judgment, without preconceived and prejudiced ideas. It is time for pastors and leaders to take down their walls, and become vulnerable, seeing my Heart, seeing my ardent desire, and join their peoples in one cry, one outcry AGAINST the enemies of London, who seek to undermine her heritage. There are prayers of generations past, preaching of generations past, that I desire to release again.

May they gather at the “temple porch” and weep…so that I pour out grain, for my Word, oil for My Spirit, and Joy for my people. Yes, come unto me all who are heavy laden with the cares of this world, for i shall lift you up and show you what I see and what I will do. For there is a new song in heaven being sung over London…over her peoples,

Come unto me…o city of nations

Come unto me…o city of churches

Come unto me…o city of peoples

Come unto me…for I come unto you

With healing in My wings…to unify the broken communities

With redemption in my hand…yea even my right Hand

To fill your air with praise

To fill the roads with angels

Come o city of nations…and I will light you as a beacon for the nations. 

Indeed this is a time i shall lift her up…as My People repent of their evil ways, I shall hear their prayer, and shall lift her up and heal her lands.

Gather the people, gather the hearts, gather the levites, gather the elders, for indeed great and glorious days shall come as you catch My Heart.



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