The Financial System: last bastion of satanic control

finances 3

“The Love of money is the root of all evil…”

The scripture really says it all. Finances are not an evil to be shunned…but the love of it is. 

What conspiracy theorists thrive on is the conspiracy of great elites who control world finances. I believe there is an element of truth, in that the love of money is the root of all the evils that occur.

There are many evils, but two are evident throughout the world…greed and inequality. One acquires vast wealth through illegal means, and those who fall into inequality become increasingly poorer.

I was meditating on this one day, the daily struggle one has, in making ends meet, when it was said to me…”Finances is the last bastion of the devil…”.

The enemy does influence but does not control. Who has the wealth of the world in His hands is God.

So how is the financial system a last bastion of the devil if God has overall control?

The devil influences the fleshy and evil side of humanity to the greatest selfishness and greed. 

Do we have a part to play in breaking this domination?



We must first understand that finances are not resources. 

Resources come from heavenly vision. God has many ways to sustain us. God used many levels of resources in the life of Elijah. We see direct provision from nature, we see it through multiplication of oil and meal, and the rain.

In the life of Christ, we see a catch of fish, a coin in a fish, feeding of 4000 and 5000. We see the fish on the beach of the Sea of Galilee after the resurrection. Resourcing was never a problem for Jesus. Finances follow divine resources. So if we want to see breakthrough in this area, we have to break the control of this domination through an authority named by Jesus as Mammon. Breakthrough comes through prayer and obedience. 


What we see in the life of Elijah, is the obedience to follow God’s directive. Famine was coming, and God took him to a brook, there He fed His prophet. Whilst all the nation was impoverished, in a season of famine, called for prophetically, we see God care for His Messenger.

Famines are called for prophetically because there is corporate sin. In many places God’s people are divided and living for self. God called for famine in Joel, for sin, in Haggai for wrong priorities. How much more today!!!

In Joel the outpouring of the Spirit is preceded by a new economic abundance coming through the favour of God.

I believe as a Corporate Body of Christ we must discern the season, and establish the following pillars into our lives. Holiness, obedience, right priorities. Once these come into our lives through intense prayer, crucifying our flesh, we will not only see direct miraculous provision, we shall see multiplication, and even nature producing her coins for us!

The Bible talks of an end time power in the area of finances called Babylon. In Revelation she is the false Bride of satan. Her economic tentacles cover the globe. God brings judgment upon her. Her commerce is broken. So God wants the Ecclesia to be separate from Babylon. For too long we have mixed world economics with Ecclesia financing…we must learn God’s financing.

I write this post as I get daily emails and news from those crying out for provision. The faith of many is sorely tried. What is needed is the focus that God’s resources do not depend on worldly circulation of dollars and major currency. God’s currency depends on our covenant with Him. 

The way to break this last bastion is to be in Covenant with the Most High. That covenant is extended as we seek Him, individually and corporately.

The Great Commission is not given by Yeshua to be a vain enterprise, no, Yeshua has one currency to work with. Covenant. 

Let us agree together to a season of intense prayer to break the hold of the enemy on our thinking, on our finances, and we connect with true heavenly resources. 


We shall be continuing our series on The Connection between Melchizedek, David and Yeshua: Yeshua the Prophet of all Prophets…soon…watch this space. 

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