The cheque; God’s financing

The prínciple of the cheque is that the bearer promises to pay on presentation in  a bank the amount stipulated on the cheque. 

It is quite a Biblical principle because God finances His work this way based on tried and sure promises in His Word in the shape of covenant. That covenant is backed up by Riches in glory (Philippians 4:19)..

In Ephesians 3:20 we read that God does far more than we could ask or think according to the power that works in us. So if the power of God works in us what does it work to do?

It works to bring us into wholeness and sufficiency. 

So the backer of our Celestial Cheque always pays as promised.  God sends out His Angels to bring in physical resources to His Ministries. 

Solomon lacked no good thing when he built the temple. How much more God’s work. 

It may take “3 to 4 days to clear” because the Celestial Cheque takes faith to make it operate. 

So why does God need our money?

The reason is that the main stronghold of Satan resides in the control of money known as Mammon. This authority works in people to stop them giving. Once you stop giving you simply dry up spiritually. 

What we must do is give where you are fed. Where you are blessed. You must not give where you are compelled by men. You must be led and moved on by God. 

God gave you a cheque called favour and moves on you when you are obedient and generous. Mammon is broken that way. Have you noticed the poor getting poorer? The rich getting richer? Is because Mammon is at work. And where Mammon is at work the operation of the Kingdom is limited. 

When we talk about the operation of the Kingdom what do we mean? 

  • Ministers and ministries can fulfil their call
  • The hungry and needy are provided for 
  • The foreigner is looked after
  • The Church is able to look after all members
  • The Church can invest in new ministers
  • The Church can invest in Israel and ministries to Jews
  • Help missionaries overseas. 

So many can be helped if we would learn generosity.  

I am also trying to pray in the way to handle God’s finances the Biblical way.

So if you desire to receive God’s Celestial Cheque be obedient and generous in your local Church or wherever you are fed.

God does not need our finances but He desires we participate in the joy of giving and the joy of living in the miraculous realm of provision, multiplication and abundance. 


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