Conundrum: thespiritandthebridesaycome



The domain name was chosen by accident. But if you look at the domain name you see the name HEBRIDES inserted. There is a divine reason for that. The Hebrides Revival has impacted my life personally. The story related to by Kathie Walters, beautifully written, captures the atmosphere and the passion of those who sought God for the revival which fell from 1948-1952.

The accident with the domain name is intentional so far as God is concerned. The reason being, and was what God spoke to me today, that He is coming again, in the same power and intensity. I am not sure if God is going to visit the Hebrides again, this could be the case, but I sense that the Scottish Islands is going to be shaken by the power of God. This could be literal, but this could also be a catalyst for a revival all over the UK. That I can grasp.

I can see what countries and what pages are being visited on this site. Recently what page that was visited was the Hebrides Revival page. I believe this is very very significant. I am not sure if anyone on the Hebrides is praying, but hopefully there is and maybe God will visit once again.

The Book from Kathie Walters not only relates to the known revival 1948-1952, there was another revival not well know in 1939. But it means that God has a special plan for the Scottish Isles.

Let us pray for the Hebrides because God is about to do something new.


If anyone know of any prayer community in the Hebrides and Scottish Isles please let me know on 

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