The connection between Melchizedek, David and Yeshua 

Genesis 14:18 ” and Melchizedek King of Shalom, brought forth bread and wine; and he was the Priest of the Most High God and he blesses him… (Abram)

1 Samuel 30: ” and David said into Abiathar the Priest, I pray you bring me hither the ephod…

Hebrews 9:11 ” but Christ being come an high priest of Good things to come, by a greater and more perfect tabernacle…”

The Lord wants us to understand that there is a revealing at work today. There is a connection between all three and ourselves and if we catch it we will see a cataclysmic effect in the spiritual realm. 

I simply do not wish to publish messages which entertain the intellect or stir the emotions but hit the structures which need to fall and raise up our eyes to behold a structure which is invisible to the naked eye but exists all the same.

All 3 men quoted moved in 3 streams of authority. We too move in them in virtue of Revelation 1:6

All 3 were Kings, Priests and Prophets unto our God.

God wants to restore our understanding that we need to move in a stream of authority at the right time at the right place. 

In Genesis 14 we see Abram not yet moving fully into His covenant calling in God but Melchizedek is brought out to bring a priestly blessing that would propel Abraham in chapter 15 to have the covenant cut and the covenant ratified changing his name. 

What is so significant about this visit? As a King Melchizedek is given authority to propel the upcoming “father of all faith and of all nations” into the fullness of his calling. As a priest he could administer to Abram the spiritual conditions and connections to initiate a spiritual preparation to meet with God in chapter 15. As a prophet Melchizedek is able to declare a blessing adequate to the size of Abraham’s calling . This blessing administered in the priestly stream, inspired in the Prophetic stream, and declared in the kingly stream so that it would be consummated and bring spiritual changes to those who would come to faith. 

There is a need for our congregations to raise up a people who can move into all 3 streams of authority so that God’s people can be propelled into the fullness of their gift and calling. 

For So long we have confused the priestly just to minister out in prayer yet we do not let it accompany it with Prophetic relevance. That is we simply mechanically administer a liturgy which fulfils only a part when we need specific and precise direction and spiritual acquisition. Many times we minister in our meetings but we have not brought anyone neat to God!!!

Abraham’s calling was to be the father of faith for all nations and all generations. And both the covenant meal and the blessing would prepare the way for the Most High to meet with Abraham. 

We see the level of Melchizedek in his walk. We see Him walk in the light of the Most High. What flows through Him is uncommon. Many equate Melchizedek as Yeshua Himself. I do not believe so as I believe God used individials to foreshadow Him so that in His coming He brings the fullness and continuation of these 3 streams of authority and dimension. 

Melchizedek disappears from the scene and Abraham goes on into the fullness of His covenant and we today see His faith and it’s consequences flow into our spirit.

What Melchizedek does is enable Abraham to walk into a spiritual possession of land where kings and cities feared him, as he walked in the kingly realm. He caused Abraham to minister out that covenant to his family in that what is birthed in impossibility is a spiritual legacy handed down through Isaac. And Lot is fetched out of Sodom as Abraham stands before the Lord. 

We come to David. David a man after God’s own heart moved in kingship before he was crowned, moved as a priest without a temple or tabernacle and moved as a prophet without status or recognition seeing that his future Kingdom was foreshadowing an eternal kingdom of He who would also move as King, Priest and Prophet. 

I believe as a personal position that his intimacy and heart to God enabled him to move in these 3 streams of authority and ministry. 

David moves into His priestly stream as he is preparing the way for his kingship. God would speak as he wore the  ephod which was a priestly garment which would set the person apart to administer the condition to hear God’s directives. 

We see shortly after his conquests that the nation submits unto the Kingly stream he operated in. His physical crowning was the culmination  of a spiritual crowning that took place many years before. 

As King we see then David not forget the priestly authority and dimension that God had brought him into and he raised up a tabernacle. Attempted to bring the Ark of Covenant to Zion. His first attempt although disastrous he finally learned priestly order and he was able to bring the Ark to a resting place. As a prophet he was able to do all according to spiritual vision and the glory became accessible to all. 

It is not by chance that Yeshua is physically of the line of David. He also flowed into Kingship, priestly and Prophetic streams of God. 

I believe as we are studying this that this should be a model for all corporate and individual ministry. 

We see God bring David into an eternal covenant which flows down through Yeshua. 

And we come to the culmination of whom all things flow and all things have their being. 

Yeshua is the prophet who spoke change into the religious system which had lost priestly effectiveness and lost Prophetic relevance and which could not move in kingly authority because it had not fulfilled the conditions for God to change things. 

Yeshua the Priest was the sacrifice of Himself , the incense of His earthly prayer walk, entering into a heavenly and perfect tabernacle not made with hands. Hebrews 9. He went through the veil which was His Body, broken at the Cross. And entered into the Celestial Most Holy Place to open the way for the 3 streams of authority and existence to flow through our beings.  

Yeshua as King of Kings is shown in Daniel 7 as He who the Father gives dominion and a Kingdom so that at His Throne all is subject to Him. All of heaven, earth and under the earth recognise His supremacy. In Phillipians 2 we see why God exalted Him because He passed through the veil of humiliation in many dimensions so that as we walk in His Footseps we too share in the same access of that authority.

And as High Priest in the Order of Melchizedek He pours out our priestly prayers as incense on the celestial altar of prayer. 

As King He responds to those prayers by supervising the changes of times and seasons upon the earth. To culminate in the nation’s being transformed into the Kingdom of the Most High. 

In Revelation 1 we see the revelation of a Glorified Yeshua who is the forerunner of our own “glorification ” but for that to happen we must learn the 3 streams of God so that we shall enter into the fullness of His Eternal Purpose and Union with us. 

We are being presented moment by moment says Jude to the Father as the Holy Spirit moves and transforms..

God wants us to move into our priestly  stream so that we bring from heaven the favourable response from the ordinances and sacraments He institutes. These open the way so that “Abram” can move into covenant. 

God wants us to move into our prophetic stream to declare and worship what our spiritual eyes see. So that we with God will say “Let there be light” And there will be glory. Our language being the language of the Most High.

God wants us to move in our kingly stream as we decree the changes revealed prophetically as Yeshua personally executes through us the subjection of all unto Him.

What makes us ineffective? 

Is when we do not know these things and we are bound by traditions of men. 

May we learn from the Spirit of the Most High how to move in the 3 streams simultaneously as we cultivate intimacy with holiness. 

That way we shall be partners in the end time revival and eternal Kingdom descending in a returning Yeshua!!!

Open your eyes and move into the 3 streams. 


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