By Faith Enoch was taken away…because God translated him

Hebrews 11:5


Enoch is quite a mysterious figure. We know that he walked with God, but what is inferred is found in the Book of Enoch which Jude refers to.

Hebrews 11 speaks of Enoch about his faith. He had faith that he would not die, but that he would be physically translated to the heavenlies.

What do we know?


The Lord interacted with Enoch on a level which is very rare in people. Enoch aspired to live more in the same dimension that God lives. How do we enter that realm? That realm to enter will cost us everything. It was not just the living out in that realm, but it was an enormous amount of intimacy that Enoch had with God.

Enoch had accustomed himself to know who it was on the Throne because he saw that throne in vision, he saw how God operated in the earth, and he saw what God did when the angels fell and produced a corrupt seed.

When we talk of revival I believe we are talking about the same dimension which Enoch lived.

“He would not see death” that in all that lived he placed priority on the source of life itself. He was not aware of death working in his body, according to the original Greek text, nor was he contemplating even passing through death.

He was transported bodily into the heavenly realm. Transported because he was in spirit, lived for the Spirit, in the Spirit.

We see that Simeon in the New Testament lived this way too. He too had the Spirit upon Him, with Him, revealing Himself to him.

If we want revival we must stop living prioritising the flesh, and its pleasures, but also we need to cultivate a intimacy with God, so much so that something comes into our hearts… that something is called TESTIMONY. This word is martureo. It is not the testimony we give for God but that which God gives to us!

This testimony (martureo) is the source of our spiritual life, because beyond it being a heavenly deposit, it is part of the Hebrew concept of yadah. It is an intimate knowing, which goes beyond just knowledge, but in connotation is a unifying of two people, that is the unifying of God and ourselves.

Many frown on the old mystics of the Church, because we feel they lived a more mysterious life. Many regard mysticism, and a more spiritual life as not being rational or realistic. But surely our motivation has to be UNION WITH GOD IN SUCH A WAY WE RECEIVE THAT TESTIMONY THAT WE LIVE IN A SPHERE OF HIS PLEASURE.

That sphere of pleasure is glimpsed when two people marry. The whole procedure of the wedding itself, the ceremony, the reception and culminating in the first intimacy of the Wedding Night. How much more in the spiritual sense. God wants us to be married to Him! The “yadah” is exactly that.

So when we are discussing Enoch we are in this realm!

He knew the day and the hour of his translation. And just as Elijah knew the day and the hour so Enoch the same. It seems there is a desire on God’s part that burns into our spirit that He desires our physical translation. It is because our faith is so immense, our intimacy is so intense. We live and breathe Him.

There are many distractions to this today. There are fleshy attractions, mind conditioning and demands from people which may draw away from this pursuit. But we must remember the whole Message of the Bible is the pursuit of God to unite with His creation: man.

And so as that desires and devotions turn to God fully so we come into a place of being which no longer belongs in this physical senses realm. We naturally walk into the place where God is.

Can you imagine if we begin to walk in great faith and intimacy with God what this will do? Enoch had many disciples, and he was known as the Scribe of Righteousness whose visions were of a very future generation.

When we move into that spiritual realm we begin to speak way beyond our time and place, we speak in abstract terms.

It seems that those who live in a place where the senses realm brings priority we start to condition ourselves into the NATURAL CYCLES OF THIS LIFE. Yet we can interrupt this natural place, because we no longer live according to this realm, but a realm where the Source of all lives and Has His Being!

Have you noticed that a miracle is the suspension of natural laws in the favour of conditions not normally possible to happen and to be. 

In that miraculous realm, we are called to live where things are suspended or interrupted.

We need poverty, sickness, oppression interrupted in our lives.

If we understand the age which Enoch lived we come to understand that the angels that rebelled lost their estate in the heavens and now began to live out their lives in the earthly realm. If those who are eternal are condemned to this realm, surely and it is possible for us to be transported into the place of where all natural laws are no longer in operation. No more depression, no more sadness, no more sickness.

And how did Enoch access this? By his faith.

Do you believe?

Do you hear that call?


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